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Halloween Costumes Made Cute and Easy – Destira Style!

Halloween is near, and it’s time to embark on the process of putting together the perfect costume. Why not go for something that can be worn on Halloween night and to the gym countless times after!? Your Destira leotard can double as the perfect base for a Halloween costume this season. Whether you are going to be spooky or sweet, we've got an idea for you!


LeotardGarden fairy: 
Get the Purple Woven Back Leotard, a pair of wings and a flower crown, and voila! You have an oh-so-simple, yet oh-so-whimsical Halloween costume! Should you want bottoms to go with it, try the sport shorts in silver



SuperheroSuperhero: Nothing says super human powers like our Red Stars Leotard. Polish it off with a cape and a simple black mask, and you’ll be ready to save the day!

FairyPrincess: We’ve got a lot of great leotards to gracefully pull off a princess, but we L-O-V-E the Jade Starlet Sweetheart in particular for its Ariel and Elsa vibes. Go all out when you throw on a crown or even a tutu! 

Bunny: All you need for this costume is a Pink Lycra Leotard or Berry Mystique Leotard, leggings, fluffy tail, and a pair of bunny ears. It doesn’t get much easier – or cuter – than that! berryM (TS001's conflicted copy 2014-10-15) pinkL

Mouse: Another easy animal costume to pull off is a simple mouse. You just need a pair of mouse ears and our Black Mystique Leotard - add some whiskers and a mouse tail. This leotard also works great for transforming into a witch or black cat, when you add the accessories!

Gymnast: There are a lot of female gymnasts to look up to, so why not go as Simone Biles or Nastia Liukin? Any Destira leotard will work for this costume, but don’t forget your gold medal! We hope we’ve helped solve this year’s Halloween costume mystery or sparked some ideas on how to get the most out of your Destira leotard. Don’t forget to show us your Destira-inspired costume on Facebook. Wishing you tons of treats this Halloween!

If you want to skip the costume and just show your Halloween spirit, visit our Halloween Shop! Check out the super cute limited edition leotards that scream Halloween (hint: pumpkin, spider and skeleton). But, hurry... they are only available for order until October 1st at 11:59pm PST.