Gymnastics bottoms can be one of the trickiest pieces of sports apparel to get right. You want something that's going to cover up exposed skin and add flair, but the wrong shorts or pants can significantly hinder a routine (as well as the performer's appearance).
Mystique Sport Short - Silver


Mystique Sport Short - Purple


The Destira team has seen and worn plenty of gymnastics apparel that rides up, drags, chafes or restricts movement, making a workout less pleasant for everyone involved. We believe apparel can perform better without being less fashionable or affordable, and our large selection of bottoms for gymnasts does just that. With our micro shorts, flex shorts, capri pants and leggings, you can spend more time working out and less time being distracted by your clothes.

Each of our gymnast bottoms are made to be as flexible and functional as the girls who wear them. Practice will be more fun in classic black roll shorts with a fold-over waist band or in velvet sport shorts that stay put no matter how hard you push on a routine. Destira gymnast leggings have four-way stretching for maximum range of motion and are so comfortable, you'll want to wear them even when you're not at the gym! You'll find them in a variety of colors, abstract prints and themes so that even when performance comes first, fashion never comes second.

These shorts and leggings are made from premium materials like moisture-wicking performance fabric and soft Lycra that's made for the unique needs of gymnasts. Each item is made at our California facilities and is guaranteed to fit as described. We've been the gymnasts trying to fit practice in around school and homework, the moms working to get the family to meets on time and the coaches helping everyone become top-level athletes and people. By offering the finest gymnastics apparel for teens and pre-teens with service that's unmatched, we help fit the puzzle together so you can focus on the big picture. Check out our blog for more helpful info on choosing the right attire!