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Make the Most of Your Pro Shop

How House of Bounce Uses All of Our Programs (And You Can, Too)

Donna, Bea’s House of Bounce Apparel Manager, stocks her small pro shop through Destira’s consignment program. She receives a new shipment of hand-picked bestsellers every eight weeks, and then packs up whatever unsold merchandise is left from her previous shipment, sends it back to Destira, and is charged only for the merchandise that she sold.

Because her shop is small, she hangs a flyer with her unique referral code on the door, so that parents know they can shop and still benefit the gym, even when they are buying directly from the leotard source. Donna includes their Digital Pro Shop link in every email she sends out to parents. Whenever Destira runs a special fundraiser, Bea’s House of Bounce gets gymnasts and families excited by offering incentives (like a pizza party for reaching their goal, or raising money for a new foam pit).

The House of Bounce Rec Team is small, but ever year they choose a design they all like from, and Donna orders them with her wholesale discount. The kids love that they can all match with some sparkle, and the parents love that they can buy high-quality, inexpensive team wear with quick delivery times.

In January, House of Bounce hosts a larger meet, and Donna orders her meet leos from Destira's Custom Apparel program. She starts the planning and design in September or October, and places a bulk order of about 500 pieces once her athlete registrations are in by mid-November. The kids who attend the meet year after year have a collection of House of Bounce Invitational leotards and they love wearing them year-round to remind them of the event and show their Bounce House pride.

Last year House of Bounce wanted to raise money for travel meets, and Destira was there to help with a custom fundraiser for their team girls. Destira pre-sold the House of Bounce leotard on, and handled all of the booking, payment processing, and shipping directly to each family.

Donna simply promoted the sale to her gym families, and earned $15 per leo sold, plus an extra 20% on the stock items they purchased too, since she was already signed up with Destira’s Digital Pro Shop program. With no money out of pocket, the fundraiser allowed the Parent Board to raise money for travel expenses, and the custom leotards were a huge hit with the athletes.

What can Destira do for you to increase your sales and decrease your pro shop headaches?

Our Account Managers will ask about your membership, programs, needs, and wants, and then create a personalized service package to maximize your earnings and create a fun and easy experience for you and your gymnasts and families.