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fa-BOO-lous Halloween: What Will You Be?

Halloween gymnastics leotardBOO! We said it last year and we’ll say it again. Welcome to the 2019 Destira Halloween hot spot and meet the inspiration for your next (and best) Halloween costume. Everyone knows that a DIY costume is a great way to express yourself. Start building your awesome DIY costume here at Destira: It’s an easy and fun 2 step process:
Step 1: Take a look at our 2019 Halloween collection by clicking here.
Step 2: Let your imagination take flight (like a bat into the night)

Gymnasts are super busy, so we designed some super quick and easy DIY Halloween looks to get you in the mood for trick or treating fast! Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Destira Princess leotard halloweenSTART WITH OUR PRINCESS LEOTARD, see it here
Be a pure fantasy come true. Hop on that magic carpet, Your Highness!
Princess leotard + a long, sheer tulle skirt + lots of gold jewelry + a wide headband








Destira Magic Potion leotard HalooweenSTART WITH OUR MAGIC POTION LEOTARD, see it here
Don’t just drink your favorite beverage… BECOME it! Get ready to serve up loads of fun.
Magic Potion leotard + a fluffy tulle skirt + a foamy, poofy “whipped cream” headband decoration

Destira Colorful Cat leotard HalloweenSTART WITH OUR COLORFUL CAT LEOTARD, see it here
Mysterious, slinky, clever. Practice your meow and become an iconic black cat.
Colorful Cat leotard + black leggings or tights + pointy cat ears (make ‘em yourself with felt and a headband) + long black tail + feline attitude

Destira Butterfly Sunset leotard HalloweenSTART WITH OUR BUTTERFLY SUNSET LEOTARD, see it here
You’ve already got those graceful high-flying moves. Flap and float into the midnight sky, shine in the moonlight, Butterfly.
Butterfly Sunset leotard + pastel leggings or tight + antennae (so easy to DIY with pipe cleaners, mini pompoms, and headband) + a little tulle skirt

And don’t forget the weeks and days leading up to Halloween. You’ll see those bat and cob web decorations up at the gym, and hear your favorite spooky tunes playing everywhere. Be part of the vibe and land on the mat in your very own Halloween inspired gymnastics leotard. Front Handspring, Backward Somersault, Cartwheel, Aerial Walkover: all your moves will feel extra fa-BOO-lous in a haunted leotard from our Halloween collection.

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