About Destira


We're moms for moms. We're gymnasts for gymnasts. We get you.

We Care. When we think of gymnastics, we think of family. Gymnastics is the mom who makes sure she gets her gymnast to school and to the gym on time. It's the team of girls who play hard and work harder at every practice and meet. It's the brother and sister or husband and wife who run our nearby gyms and coach our gymnasts with so much passion every single day...

We're Family. At Destira, we're family, too. We're a mom who wanted her gymnast daughters to have functional, yet fashionable leotards, and we're her daughters – gymnasts who have lived and breathed the sport our entire lives. We know the gymnast, the gym mom, the gym coach, and the gym owner better than most. Gymnastics is who we are...

We're fashion for Gymnastics. Destira makes high-quality, yet affordable leotards and accessories that gymnasts can be comfortable and confident in. We want you – our customers, our families – to have fashions that are fun and satisfy any desire or need, from style to color to trend. And we're willing to bend over backwards to make sure you have them, because that's just what family does...

We care. We're family. We're fashion for gymnastics.

We're proud to be

  • Nearly 20 team members strong!
  • Still hand-sewing every leotard in California
  • Servicing nearly 1,000 gymnastics clubs
  • Offering retail, consignment, wholesale, and custom apparel