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Celebrate YOU - S - A! Destira Summer Fundraiser

Celebrate YOU-S-A! National Fundraiser banner

Celebrate the return of in-person gymnastics, excite and inspire your current membership, and earn some extra cash before fall enrollment.

As gymnastics continues to reopen and recover, this summer’s elite global sporting event is another perfect moment unite around the best sport in the world — and raise extra funds ahead of the fall.

The incredible success of our Digital Pro Shop and Together We Can has demonstrated this fundraiser model’s capacity to make money for your gym. This is a no-risk fundraiser, and it’s never been easier.

You promote the leotard, we pay you for every sale.

Special commission for the featured Victorious leotard is only available during this July campaign, but you can continue to earn commission on purchases made through your link all year.


  1. When you sign up as a Destira Affiliate, we’ll give you a unique link to our website.
  2. Get your community shopping on
  3. Earn $10 for every Victorious leotard, PLUS a 20% commission for every other stock item purchased through the link, ongoing.
  4. For every Victorious leotard sold on, Destira will also donate $5 to Girls Leadership.

If you already registered as an affiliate with us, then you are automatically enrolled in the fundraiser!


Get your community shopping on We’ll track your orders using your unique link. There are no fees, no minimums, and no risk. We process sales, track your commissions, and fulfill purchases directly to your families.


Register: immediately!

Plan: Read through our Partnership Guide for suggestions on planning your meaningful message, creating a buzz, and scheduling your outreach. 

Promote: share the sale with your community July 1st - July 22nd.


If you are interested in participating in the Celebrate! Fundraiser, please sign up here, email to with "Fundraiser Sign-up" in the subject line, or give us a call at 1-877-741-1325.