⭐ It's Team Destira! ⭐



I remember my first floor and beam routines, my first coaches, and celebratory moments, from getting my kip, giant, or connection on high beam. Gymnastics fostered strength and both physical and mental toughness.

Do I love gymnastics? Yes! Gymnastics changed my life and serves still today as a foundation for fitness, health, goal setting, and importance of a positive attitude in raising my kids, and running my company.


Owner : Founding Partner
In the beginning I was a mom with three young daughters involved in the sport of gymnastics. I was making each garment by hand in my own home and I wanted every athlete to feel as confident and proud of their leotards as my own girls did. From the very start it was my goal to only offer products made from the highest quality fabrics, with the best possible construction while offering premium customer service.

We’ve certainly grown from these humble beginnings. Two of those young gymnast daughters are now competent business partners and are the ones driving the growth of our business. I’m proud to say we still follow those original core values by providing perfect fitting, trend setting garments that empower athletes around the world.



Gymnastics is a great foundation for ALL sports. Gymnasts develop strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination, and it teaches resilience and mental toughness. And, the outfits are AWESOME!

Our mission to positively impact and empower girls, our team, and our families makes me want to jump out of bed every morning!


Custom Apparel Designer
Favorite Leo: Gone Bananas – Love a silly fruit print!
Favorite healthy snack: Vanilla chia pudding with berries & almonds – YUM!
Best Thing about Destira: The company has a large heart for the community, customers, and everyone who works hard behind the scenes to create a quality product and overall awesome experience when shopping with us.


Account Manager
All-time favorite Leos: Toucan and Hawaii
Best thing about Destira: Our family vibe
Fun Fact: Braylee’s dad was a youth gymnast and she really likes cats.


Operations Manager
Something great about working at Destira? I love being surrounded by kind, creative women
Dream Job at Age 9: Veterinarian
Favorite Leos: I love the whimsy of Rainbow Caticorn and Pineapple Blush is my all time fave!


Assistant Sales Manager
Dream Job at Age 9: Lawyer and Actress
Best thing about Destira: The number one core value is Family First! I come from a big and super tight knit family so it was important to work for a company where our values align.
Fun Fact: Emi started making custom decorated sugar cookies during quarantine as a creative outlet. Popular designs have been of baby Yoda, rainbows, and donuts. We hope to see some leotard cookies soon, too!


Custom Sales & Development Manager
Favorite Workout Snack: Peanut Butter - Same as her dog, Luca.
Dream Job at Age 9: Doctor
Best thing about Destira: I love working with a team full of driven, smart, and thoughtful coworkers!


Production Manager
Best thing about Destira: I like Destira’s mission and it feels nice to be part of a team that makes it happen.
Dream Job at Age 9: Pilot.
Favorite leo: Together We Can! It delivers a great message.
Fave healthy snack: Mango and Papaya


Director of Marketing and Consumer Success
Dream Job at Age 9: I wanted to be a film editor when I was growing up.
All-time Fave Leo: Believe in your #SELFIE, but currently Vertical Edge.
Workout Snack: A green smoothie, peanut butter toast, or string cheese


Director of Design and Development
What I love about gymnastics is that it's all about having fun, gaining strength, and empowering yourself.
Dream Job at Age 9: Fashion Designer, Living in New York
Favorite Leo: Skeleton Party


Senior Designer, Graphic & Creative Operations
Fun Fact: For my birthday once, I had a sand castle building contest with my friends, followed by lunch at the only Taco Bell in the US located on the beach.
Dream Job at Age 9: Astronaut Ballerina
Best thing about Destira: Playing with color, fabric, and sparkle


E-Commerce and Customer Success Manager
I, myself, am not a gymnast but I have so much respect for the strength and discipline the sport demands. It's always so amazing to watch!
Workout Snack: Protein shake and fruit
Best thing about Destira: Everyday, I get to look forward to learning something new with a team that feels like family.