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I remember my first floor and beam routines, my first coaches, and celebratory moments, from getting my kip, giant, or connection on high beam. Gymnastics fostered strength and both physical and mental toughness.

Do I love gymnastics? Yes! Gymnastics changed my life and serves still today as a foundation for fitness, health, goal setting, and importance of a positive attitude in raising my kids, and running my company.





Gymnastics is a great foundation for ALL sports. Gymnasts develop strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination, and it teaches resilience and mental toughness. And, the outfits are AWESOME!

Our mission to positively impact and empower girls, our team, and our families makes me want to jump out of bed every morning!


Senior Designer, Graphics & Illustration
Dream Job at Age 9: Artist
All-time Favorite Leos: Super Llama and Gym Elf
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Community Manager
Dream Job at Age 9:Writer/Novelist
All-time Favorite Leos: Jetsetter and Jade Confetti
Best thing about Destira:It's such a fun environment with women working for a community of young girls!


Account Manager
All-time favorite Leos: Toucan and Hawaii
Best thing about Destira: Our family vibe
Fun Fact: Braylee’s dad was a youth gymnast and she really likes cats.


Operations Manager


Business Development Manager
Best thing about Destira: The fun, vibrant, intelligent people
Fun Fact: I learned to play the violin at age 4, and have played with numerous orchestras - even internationally!
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Custom Project Manager
Favorite Workout Snack: Peanut Butter - Same as her dog, Luca.
Dream Job at Age 9: Doctor
Best thing about Destira: I love working with a team full of driven, smart, and thoughtful coworkers!



Custom Project Coordinator
Workout Snack: Very cold watermelon
All-time Favorite Leos: Super Llama and Sea You Later
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Director of Production
Dream Job at Age 9: Judge
Best Thing About Destira: There’s always something new to learn
Fun Fact: I've been a competitive swimmer since age 8, and still swim competitively with United States Masters.



Director of Marketing
Dream Job at Age 9: Filmmaker
All-time Fave Leo: Believe in your #SELFIE
Workout Snack: String Cheese



Director of Design and Development
What I love about gymnastics is that it's all about having fun, gaining strength, and empowering yourself.
Dream Job at Age 9: Fashion Designer, Living in New York
Favorite Leo: Skeleton Party


Senior Designer, Graphic & Creative Operations
Fun Fact: For my birthday once, I had a sand castle building contest with my friends, followed by lunch at the only Taco Bell in the US located on the beach.
Dream Job at Age 9: Astronaut Ballerina
Best thing about Destira: Playing with color, fabric, and sparkle