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Get to Know Our Team: Alexis Moore

We at Destira are so proud of our employees, we want you to meet all of them! Each person who has chosen a career here is an ambassador of our philosophy of positivity, empowerment, and gratitude. Let’s get to know a Destira employee and take a peek behind the scenes in our new series: "Get to Know Our Team."

What do you notice first about a gymnastics leotard? Probably the way it looks: its design! Every Destira leotard is crafted in the USA from high quality fabric and backed by personalized customer service. Gymnasts are Destira’s priority and every detail of our leotards reflects our focus on performance and comfort. HOWEVER, the compelling design of our leotards gives you that initial impact. We want you to meet Alexis Moore, our Senior Designer… the talent behind so many of our leotard looks! She naturally lives the inspired life of a true artist. And keeps her cat, Butters, close to her heart!

Let’s start at the beginning. Tell us how you ended up working at Destira. My entire career has been focused around sublimation printing and apparel design. I was working for a basketball apparel company in Tualatin before I decided to look around for something different. When I came across the ad for a graphic designer at Destira it seemed like a great opportunity for me. It turned out to be a perfect fit and I’m so glad I made the decision to apply.

What is your title here at Destira? Senior Designer, Graphics and Illustration

What inspired you to apply in the first place? I was really excited about the opportunity to work more with fun graphics and illustration. Designing with sparkles, unicorns, etc seemed so incredibly fun! I’m an artist in my free time, and other jobs in graphic design wouldn’t utilize my illustration skillset.

In a nutshell can you describe your position at Destira? What’s your favorite part of it? I’m the Senior Designer in charge of Graphics and Illustration. I split my time between our custom program and stock program. I create mockups and production files for customers ordering their own leotards, and I work with the design team to create leotard designs for our stock collections we sell online. My favorite part is getting to design such fun concepts. I get to design things like cats in space, elf costumes, and narwhals with glasses! Basically my dream come true.

How do you stay inspired? What inspires you? Art and music are constant sources of inspiration for me. I’m an artist in my free time, so I am constantly creating and seeking out new artists to follow on social media. Music and musicians inspire me the most, so I spend a lot of time traveling seeing live shows. Heavy metal!!

Can you walk us briefly through your typical design process? I read over the instructions for the design, either from our design director or the customer. Then based off of what they are looking for I create mockups using Photoshop/Illustrator. I’ll place those options onto our mockup presentation sheet and either send them to the rest of the design team, or the custom team to relay to the customer.

Walk us through the development of one of our favorites: Pegasus LeotardWhen a girls sees this design for the first time, what do you want her to think? I want her to be dazzled and excited to wear a cute/cool graphic.
Destira Pegasus leotardDestira Pegasus leotard
What were some unique challenges with this design? I love illustration (especially drawing cute animals) so I was so excited to be given this project. That in mind I wanted to go above and beyond with the graphics, colors, shading, etc and all the little details to make a beautiful Pegasus! It was challenging because I fussed over every single detail to make sure it turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

What do you love about the outcome of this design? I love all of it. I love the colors, the fine details in the illustration, etc. I think it turned out really great and I’m super proud of it.

Destira is women-owned and run, is this significant to you and, if so, why? Feminism has always been very important to me, so seeing a women run business is incredibly inspiring. It’s amazing to work with so many strong, independent women it makes me want to work hard and do my best.

Destira designs and sells leotards, but equally important is our message of self-confidence and empowerment. What do you do to build confidence in yourself? Red lipstick! It’s my ultimate confidence booster. I get to express myself every morning with makeup and it helps me kick start my day with tenacity!

Gymnastics is recognized as being one of the toughest of all sports, ranking in the top 10. You may not be on the parallel bars or mat, but what do you do to promote your physical well-being? The two things I think benefit me most physically is cooking and lifting weights. Cooking and meal prepping is a really fun and easy way for me to make smart food choices. As far as exercising I really enjoy lifting weights at the gym. It makes me stronger and improves my mood and mental health.

Do you have a short message for our young, female gymnasts?
Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

What are your top 3 favorite leos?
Pegasus, Space Cats, and Gym Elf.

 Destira Pegasus leotardDestira Space CAts leotardDestira Gym Elf leotard