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Custom Competition Leotards

The quality you know. The leos they love.

At Destira, we are passionate about providing gymnasts of all levels with the highest quality competition apparel and accessories. With our exceptional craftsmanship, design, and attention to detail, our dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none. 

Perfect fit. Familiar comfort. 

Destira quality you’re used to means elevated performance from the inside, out, for your whole team. The brand you already know and the fit you’ve come to trust will help unleash maximum confidence with minimal effort

Comfort. Style. Function.  (Plus, get exactly what you want, when you expect it–or sooner.)

Our custom leos are designed with the needs of gymnasts in mind, as always. 

Your girls will feel free to move, flip, charge, and fiercely crush competitions when they can let go of nerves and embrace the confidence within. 

Say goodbye to decision fatigue… 

Ordering is fun, easy, and the most direct and cost-effective way to outfit your entire team. Skip complicated mesh, splicing materials, annoying seams, piecing, and cutouts. All in exchange for a variety of eye-catching designs, vibrant colors, comfortable fabric, and even shiny crystals to showcase individuality and make a lasting impression on anyone catching the show. And the best part? Outfitting your team to shine won't break the bank! No more pricey $300-500 investments—sticker-shock begone! Parents can rejoice knowing that affordable brilliance awaits.

Say hello to unique outcomes… 

Team wear offers the Destira quality, creativity, craftsmanship, and comfort everyone knows and loves. Plus, every order is a unique design. You get to demonstrate your team’s individuality through original designs created specifically for you. 

Why choose Destira for Competition wear? 

  • TRUST. In 10 short weeks, your team will look cohesive, confident, and fierce. Consider competition season handled! Easy peasy pricing, sizing kits, and guaranteed delivery dates. (We promise you won’t be waiting for months on end, wondering where your leos have gone!) We’ll share our clear and transparent timeline so you always know where your order is in the production process.
  • EASY AND ON BUDGET. From soup to nuts, conceiving, designing, and ordering your team wear is a simple, quick, and easy process. Plus, you’ll never go beyond your means because you’ll pay upfront, and we’ll make sure your designs align with your budget.
  • UNIQUE. (And approachable). We give you our full attention, listening to every detail of what you want, and turn that into a high amount of design effort. The outcome? A gorgeous piece that’s exactly what you imagine for your athletes.
  • SIMPLE COMFORT. Our number one focus is comfort. From your tiniest level 3s to your senior Level 10s, every athlete is considered when it comes to our designs. Which, by the way, skips anything complicated (like cut-outs), so each custom leotard is just what’s necessary - a perfect fit.
  • THE PERFECT FIT EVERY TIME. Our sizing kits take the guesswork out of measuring so each member of your team is in the perfect leo for their own body. 
  • NO FIDGETING. Thanks to our perfect fit every time, your girls can focus on their routines and the memories of the season. They won’t spend a minute thinking about scratchy material, no-circulation arms, or leo adjustments. 
  • DESTIRA. You’ve known and loved us for years. Even though you’re ordering custom competition leotards, you’re still getting the ease, familiarity, comfort, and efficiency you’ve always loved. 

An Easy Process.

Step 1: Discovery Call. Start with a call to blend your ideas and needs with our team of experts

Step 2: Presentation. Once we pass your project to our design team, they’ll come back with several potential designs exclusively tailored to your style, preferences, and budget. (Not what you had in mind? Your price includes a total of three revisions so you can feel seen, heard, and confident you’re getting exactly what you’re envisioning.)

Step 3: Fitting. Once you’re set on your design and fabric, you’ll receive a sizing kit to fit your girls and place your order

Step 4: Direct orders. Your team orders directly from the Destira website, and once everything’s delivered, you get your commission check. This option ensures that we do the heavy lifting like payment processing, size organization, and delivery logistics.

Step 5. Arrival party. In 10 short weeks, you’ll be celebrating your brand-new team wear! Printed, hand-cut, heat-pressed, and machine sewn… expect your order to arrive safe and sound after our team of 70 gives their attention to detail right here in Los Angeles to your order.

Style. Unified. 

Unify your team's style and create a strong, cohesive look with our team leotards, and unitards. We offer a dedicated design team with customization options that allow you to incorporate your personal touches. Let Destira help you create a team look that radiates confidence, unity, and pride.

This all sounds amazing! How do I get started?

Give us a call, send us an email, fill out our inquiry form. We can’t wait to hear from you!  | 1- 877-741-1325