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Halloween Leotard Costume Ideas

Do leotards make good costumes? Yes they do! We’re offering a dozen Halloween leotards that make no-stress costumes in a jiffy. There’s a super comfortable holiday leo in our shop for every gymnast, whether they want the spooky or playful for this year’s celebration of disguise. 

Get creative with a few accessories (if you want!) and you’ve got this year’s costume handled with a leotard they can wear and enjoy year-round.

new halloween costume leotards

What’s new in Halloween Leotards in 2020

  • BOO Crew Leotard — Rally up your crew and show off your Halloween Spirit with this shimmery, embellished leotard. Complete the outfit with Black Mystique Sport Shorts or cozy Charcoal Leggings for a comfy, sophisticated look that will flatter everyone in your squad.

  • Costume Party Leotard — Avoid the stress of settling on one Halloween costume this year — with this leo, you can dress up as everything! The Destira Herd saw what fun Super Llama had last year, and they all wanted to get in on the Halloween celebration! Bee Llama is here with Roller Llama and Astro Llama; Fairy Llama arrived in her own version of Butterfly Sunset, and the classic Black Cat, Vampire, Witch, and Pirate Llamas are all representing too. Which of these wonderful woolies will win your costume contest?

  • Fab-BOO-lous Leotard — Not all ghosts are scary, and in fact these glammy cuties are just fab-boo-lous. Catch these giggling ghouls on a super comfortable Lycra split back leotard, perfect for practice and Halloween dress-up.
    • Spider’s Web Leotard — The spookiest Halloween leotard in the collection, this purple and black leotard features delicate cobwebs and dangling spiders. Creepy!

    halloween skeleton leotard collection

    More In-Stock Halloween Favorites

    • Butterfly Sunset Leotard — We know you have wings, and now you can show them off to the world! Both butterflies and gymnasts zoom through the air that makes their tremendous feats of flight look easy. The wing-covered back makes this leotard perfect for costuming, or for fancy fluttering any time!

    • Colorful Cat Leotard — Her stunning opal eyes peek out from the shadows, ready to pounce! We’re not sure if this finely-detailed cat is ominous or magical, but either way she is here to liven up your Halloween with wizardry and wonder. 
    • Crystal Ribcage Leotard — A perennial favorite, this skeleton leotard has been updated with a ribs and vertebrae embellished with glittery crystal rhinestones and ghostly white nail heads for a striking, classic Halloween look. Complete the costume with skeleton opera gloves to help stay warm on cool fall days.
    • Princess Leotard — Grab your tiara and transform into a bejeweled princess. How will you use your royal powers to brighten someone’s day?
    • Skeleton Party Leotard — Our team of gymnast skeletons glow a neon rainbow over a midnight background. Will you bring your skeleton to this party too?

      • Unicorn Milkshake Leotard — Now serving the classic unicorn milkshake, adorned with a gracefully-leaping figure, in our super-secret recipe purple, pink and fuchsia swirl. 
        • Super Llama Leotard — She’s powerful and clever, mysterious and bold. Tie on your own red cape, unleash your inner heroine. Fly high and do good, just like Super Llama. 
          • Small Fry Leotard — Celebrate the savory side of Halloween with these mouthwateringly-realistic french fries in a cozy fuchsia wrapper. Add some pink leggings, and you’re a leaping, tumbling, high-energy treat!
          Whether you’re coordinating with your crew or going your own way with a favorite character (or snack!), whichever makes your smile the biggest is the right costume choice this year. Which one(s) will you choose?