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How Many Leotards Should a Gymnast Have?

If you ask your gymnast how many leotards she should have, she would probably answer that she needs ALL of them whether she is a preschool gymnast going once a week or a level 7 gymnast with practice almost every day. We know that it is not feasible for every gymnast to have every Destira leotard ever. How do you know if your gymnast has enough leotards? Keep reading to find out.

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Leotards should be washed between each use as it comes in contact with sweat, dirt, and chalk at every practice. If you prefer washing your gymnastics leotards only once per week, one leotard per gym session is the minimum that your gymnast should be keeping her in wardrobe.
Many gymnasts like to also have special themed leotards for holidays and events throughout the year. Investing in a Halloween or Holiday leotard from Destira is a great way to add one or two more leotards to your gymnasts' rotation throughout the year. 
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You can always extend the life of your leotards by following our care instructions. By using these tips when washing your youth gymnastics leotards, they will keep up with even the toughest of practices until your gymnast grows out of them. 

While gymnasts will answer that they can never own enough leotards, hopefully, this information will guide you in knowing how many leotards are actually needed by your gymnast. You can shop brand-new gymnastics leotards today here at!