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How to Perfect your Handstand!

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How to Perfect your Handstand!
Handstands are arguably the most used symbol to represent gymnastics. That’s because handstands are performed on every event, in every level, throughout your gymnastics career. Handstands are very important to learning higher level skills, so let’s work on perfecting them! Here are some tips for getting comfortable upside down and performing a handstand safely!

 1. Plank hold
It’s important you’re comfortable on your hands. A plank hold is perfect for supporting yourself on your hands in a safe way since your body is still in contact with the ground. Make sure your shoulders are slightly in front of your wrists and your stomach and bottom are tight!

For beginners, we recommend performing each plank hold in reps. of 3 for 10 seconds each.

2. “Rainbow” handstand against a wall
Called a “rainbow” handstand because of the half curve your body makes while performing it; this is a great drill for staying comfortable on your hands and pushed up through your shoulders while having the wall for support.

We recommend performing 1 for 15 seconds at a time.

3. “L” hold with support on one leg
Using a block or mat placed at hip-height; place both feet on it and walk your hands backwards towards the mat until your wrists, shoulders and tail bone are in alignment. Your spine should be straight. Lift one leg to the ceiling and hold for 10 seconds, then repeat on the other side. By doing this drill, you’re practicing supporting yourself at vertical with minimal support.

We recommend performing one on each side for 10 seconds each.

4. Handstand!
There are many ways to kick up into a handstand. We recommend starting in a bodyline and performing a “T”  onto your hands. You will notice the “T” mimicks the “L” hold drill and allows you to kick up smoothly onto your hands. When your upside down remember to stay pushed up through your shoulders and to watch your hands!

We recommend trying 3 at a time. Try to hold each one a little longer every time!


We can’t wait to see you performing your handstands in your favorite Destira leotards! Happy Handstand-ing!