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Mother's Day, 2021

we love jodi at destiraIf you’ve been part of our community for a while, you may know that Destira is a company made by moms. It began as something small and personal, and has grown into more than our Founder, Donna, could have imagined when she began sewing leotards for her daughters when they were young.

When Mother’s Day comes around every year we appreciate our Founding Mom, and the two of her daughters who grew up and became Moms themselves, and owners of this family business. We celebrate the parents on our Destira Team, trying to balance work with family as we continue to nurture and care for our kids, pets, plants, and ourselves.

And we celebrate the gym parents in our community, too. We see you driving (and driving) (and driving) to practice. We see your late-night lycra loads in the washing machine, everything covered in chalk. We see you with the pre- and post-workout power snacks. We see you showing up wholeheartedly for your kiddos as they develop their skills and their sense of themselves in the world. We see you supporting your daughter. We see you.

The wish we send up this Mother’s Day is for all of the parents and grandparents, caregivers and supporters out there to connect with something that inspires you.

We hope that the demands on your time and energy ease up, if only just a little, and that there is some room to get in touch with thing that fill up your bucket, that make you feel like the best version of yourself. 

Happily, Donna is enjoying being able to create again lately, having stepped back from the daily operations of Destira. She sent us this lovely update. 💙
Lately I find myself stepping out into the dark night to check out the lights…and the stars. I watch the clouds more during the day. I enjoy the early spring grasses growing and flowers blooming and find myself wishing I could travel somewhere new.

Only then do I realize that it would be nice to be able to go right next door to visit a friend or a neighbor. It’s been one crazy year. I’ve had more down time than ever before. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. I’ve got my machines buzzing making clothes for my grandkids. I’m sewing more. I’m working with new textiles, doing wool appliqué, patiently learning new embroidery stitches and developing new craft projects. The creative juices are flowing again.

I find thoughts going back to the start of Destira when I was drafting patterns to create the very first leotards for my girls. I’ll continue to follow this creative journey and hope that something I now create will become part of the next product line. This has been my therapy during these troubled times. What’s inspiring you?
— Donna Levy, Destira’s Founder & First Mom
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