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Star Spotlight: Sisters Making a Difference

Destira Star Spotlight - Sisters Making a Difference

At Destira, we are celebrating Leadership and those making a difference in the lives of those in their communities. We are kicking off our celebration by sharing the story of our very own co-CEOs, sisters, Jen and Jodi. This unstoppable sister-duo are the leaders of our company. They are moms. They are friends. They are committed to being positive role models and to making positive change.

The Beginning

Born, raised and nurtured in the gym. Thirty years ago our founder, Donna (Jen and Jodi's mom!) combined her passion for designing leotards with her love for gymnastics and turned it into a business. Since then (+ so much hard work and fun), Destira has empowered gymnasts around the country, from the athlete braving her first cartwheel, or throwing her first flip flop or double back, to the gym owner, gym mom or gym coach, who’s always been cheering her on. Ingrained in Destira's make up -  is the desire to help girls express themselves and reach their fullest potential! 

Jen and Jodi Walking Through Factory
Donna has passed the Destira torch down to two of her daughters, Jen and Jodi. Jodi and Donna grew Destira side by side for 10 years starting in 2003, while Jodi simultaneously, grew and welcomed three humans (proudest accomplishment!) into the world. Jen joined Donna and Jodi in 2013, when her first daughter turned one - post business school - leaving her career in merchandising and marketing in large Bay Area retailers, to give entrepreneurship a go with her mom and sister. Similar to Jodi, Jen also raised three babies while leading Destira in it's earlier years. 
Constant Calibration
Jodi and Jen are incredible examples of change makers at the forefront of the mash up of personal + professional leadership. 
This dynamic sister duo carries on Donna's legacy through the constant calibration of the pressures, priorities and responsibilities that come with the desire to be both a supportive, involved mom and partner, and an inspiring business owner and leader.  We believe, the success of their leadership style is anchored in their can-do positive attitudes, and empathetic, yet driven approach to all they do.   
Growing up, positive mental and physical strength was always important to the family. “We had positive affirmations hanging on our bedroom mirrors, and we actually recited positive affirmations before meets or exams at school – it’s very real admittedly, the power of your subconscious mind." "[Thinking] ‘I’m going to Ace this test’ or before a gymnastics meet, visualizing our perfect routines," makes all the difference.  "We learned from our parents, our great role models that if we worked hard and combined mental and physical fitness we were unstoppable.” says Jodi.  
My parents always said ‘make good decisions’ as we left the house, empowering us to make the ‘right’ choice independently, founded on an expectation for trust and honesty, that we did not want to disappoint," says Jen.  Now, years later, Jen and Jodi use the qualities instilled in them from a young age to lead, manage, and grow the company founded by their mom. While many people assume co-leadership is not possible, the sisters manage to use it to their advantage. Since the beginning, both Jen and Jodi ensured they were aligned in their priorities, roles, and responsibilities within Destira. They each take their personal strengths and bring them to the company to create an environment that is authentic and intentional for both the company and the customer.
Jen and Jodi at Region 1 Congress 2022
Values based Leadership
Jodi strives to create a workplace that is “fulfilling, humane, and inspiring.” She works with everyone within Destira to “communicate clearly about the overall purpose and vision of the company, and to help people to develop their skills and strengths to best communicate that vision.” Jodi leads our sales, customer service, and custom teams, and infuses her spirit and best practices across all communications, seen thru Destira tradeshows and events, thru every phone or email conversation, as she truly touches every customer interaction (through her incredible team!) with her optimism and friendship. 
Jen embodies passion and action, and works to breathe energy and life into our mission, vision, and values at Destira. “As a leader, I am here to actively support each team member develop toward their full potential. I am action-oriented and believe that all innovation, ideation, and risk taking as well as flawless operational execution, are equally important.” Jen enjoys leading product merchandising & marketing, and our operations and finances. “We learn together and grow professionally, and personally, through trying, failing, learning, and trying again.”
Donna, Jodi, and Jen Enjoying Family Time Together
Women Owned. Women Run. 
From the start, Destira has been women- and mom-owned and operated. The sister duo continues to own and operate a growing company while being involved and active mothers to their children. “We both know and believe girls are a force,” says Jen, “I feel proud that my children see the positive contribution I am making for the family, my community, and our Destira Team.” Jen and Jodi lead by example in their daily lives, coaching and listening with patience, while setting clear direction and expectations at home and at work. They are there, together and aligned, for the business, our team, our customers and their families, as inspiring women, with genuine care and integrity.  
We are all Leaders
Jodi and Jen are friends, and fit like puzzle pieces; from their approach to problem solving, to their experiences and skill sets, to their passions and personalities, they are able to collaborate to build a stronger strategy and more robust plans, and ultimately able to accomplish more together than they could alone (and seem to have a ton of fun together, while doing it!!).  Our very own superheroes, the dynamic duo, our leaders - Jen and Jodi - lead at work and an home, with their shared core values. Leading by example, they ensure alignment, encourage transparent feedback, have set clear expectations and domains, and empower others to learn from each other, and collaborate as teams. There are many 'myths' that co-CEOs can't make it work, or that it's too much for women to hold both CEO and CEH (chief executive of home/kids) roles, but Jodi and Jen are showing leaders of today this is possible, while making a path for and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow (children and adults, both!).