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Summer Camp 2023: How Many Leotards Do You Need for Summer Camp?

Summer is upon us! Warm nights, sunny days, and summer camp are all around the corner! We want your gymnast to be prepared for whatever her gymnastics summer camp may bring her. 

Rainbow-Rama Leotard Collection
  • The number of gymnastics leotards you need depends on what kind of summer camp your gymnast is going to. Is she going to a day camp at your local gym? Or is she going to an overnight sleep away camp for gymnasts? If she is going to a day camp, one leotard per day is great! For a sleepaway camp, bumping up to 2 leotards can ensure that your gymnast is comfortable all day long. After an intense conditioning workout, a fresh leotard is a great way to make your gymnast feel refreshed and ready to go into learning new skills. 
  • Another thing to consider is theme days! Many camps have different theme days to keep spirits up throughout the session. Remember to look at the schedule and pack any leotards and accessories that may match a theme to participate with the other gymnasts. 
  • Always remember a spare! Sometimes things happen and an emergency leotard may be needed. Pack an extra leotard in your gymnast’s gym bag so that she can be prepared for whatever comes her way. 
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You can make sure your gymnast is prepared for anything that comes her way during summer camp this year with Destira leotards. Our soft, trend-setting leotards are made right here in the USA. We take pride in providing your gymnast with a high quality leotard that she will love! Shop for her summer camp leotards today!