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Things To Consider When Choosing a Leotard for Your Child

When your child is starting out in gymnastics there are many options to choose from when it comes to youth gymnastics leotards and apparel. How do you know what is best for your young gymnast? 

Girls Gymnastics Leotard by Destira
The main goal is to make sure that your gymnast is comfortable and confident in her apparel for practice. Here are a few things to consider when choosing gymnastics apparel for your new gymnast. 
  • Does my gymnast want a leotard or unitard
    • Unitards are a popular style of apparel that has the same fit as a leotard, except instead of stopping where a traditional leotard ends, it extends out into shorts. Many parents and young gymnasts prefer this extra coverage for classes over a traditional girls gymnastics leotard. 
  • Should my gymnast wear a sleeveless gymnatics leotard or a long-sleeved leotard? 
    • This all comes down to the general comfort of your gymnast. While many gymnasts opt for sleeveless gymnastics leotards, like our popular perfect tank or racerback styles, some gymnasts prefer more coverage on their arms with either capped or long sleeves. 
  • What material works best for gymnastics leotards?
    • Gymnastics practice leotards come in many different materials. At Destira, we have many options in a soft, buttery fabric that is crafted from durable, high quality, 4-way stretch material that is lightweight and highly breathable with superior flexibility. If your gymnast is looking for a fun, sparkly gymnastics leotard to shine at practice, we offer a hologram material has a firm hand feel that is stretchy and breathable. This special fabric boasts a liquid shine that glows and sparkles, with remarkable depth of color. Both of these options allow gymnasts to continue to move their body throughout practice without feeling constrained by their gymnastics apparel
  • What accessories are needed for gymnasts during practice? 
    • Accessories, such as shorts, are usually completely optional for gymnasts during class or practice. Many gymnasts like a pair of shorts over their leotard for comfort and coverage. Destira offers a large selection of shorts in multiple colors and materials to perfectly match or coordinate with your gymnast’s sleeveless gymnastics leotard. Other fun accessories to add to your gymnastics apparel are matching scrunchies, grip bags, enamel pins, and more! 
There you have it! The key is to make sure your gymnast feels confident in herself each time she goes to practice. 

Destira is a gymnastics apparel company that is dedicated to inspiring young athletes to find self-empowerment and self-expression in the gym and in life while producing all of our garments and accessories in the United States. Shop our leotard collections, shorts, and accessories today to help your gymnast feel comfortable and confident every time she walks in the gym. 


Cover photo by @tinylittlegymnast via Instagram

Photo by @minigymnastisabella via Instagram