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Brave Space Groundwork Workshop

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We at Destira envision a near-future wherein strong, self-empowered athletes feel confident in assuming leadership roles during their time in gymnastics, and beyond. Every item we deliver is backed by empowering messages about friendship, positivity, and being yourself, but we know that there is more to developing your child’s confidence and leadership skills than their gym apparel.

Girls Leadership is a national nonprofit that teaches girls to exercise the power of their voice through programs grounded in social emotional learning. For nearly 20 years, they have been working to understand and address the internal and external barriers to leadership for girls, teaching the skills at the foundation of a person's voice, leadership, and power, as well as the social norms that can hold girls back.

Destira and Girls Leadership have a shared mission: to support girls in their leadership journey by teaching them to identify and celebrate their strength, wellbeing, and power of voice. We find that one of the best ways to empower young gymnasts is when they can bring their confidence into their local communities.

If you are interested in future workshops, please email!


Girls Leadership believes that it is the responsibility of the influential adults in girls’ lives — parents, caregivers, educators, coaches, program staff — to learn how to center girls, create brave spaces for girls to thrive, and preserve the self-trust girls are born with. When adults do this work, girls’ true leadership potential can be realized.

We’re excited to announce that we will be partnering with them to offer their online workshop, Brave Space Groundwork. 

This workshop is intended to equip coaches and gym owners with lessons, instructional practices, and mindsets to create ‘brave spaces’ for their youth to feel confident expressing themselves in and out of the gym - spaces where girls feel seen, valued, and supported as powerful leaders.  

Each Brave Space Groundwork Workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Definitions: Brave vs. Safe

  • Modeling Vulnerability and Bravery

  • Power Dynamics

  • Comfort Zones

  • Community Commitments

    We can’t wait to begin working closer with the gymnastics community to continue to create positive brave spaces for the young girls of tomorrow. Sign up for a Brave Space Groundwork Workshop here to continue empowering and building the confidence of the gymnasts of your gym. 

    To support this mission, we have created limited edition leotards and a grip bag. 100% of profits of these styles are donated directly to Girls Leadership and their Brave Space Groundwork workshop. We are continuing to work to empower the young leaders of tomorrow each day.