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Custom Team and Group Apparel Application

Please read our and review our Terms and Conditions below before completing the Application form. You may download a copy of the Terms and Conditions document here. 


Custom Production Design Package

★ Included in quoted price per garment: 1–5 initial digital mockups based on initial scope of the project, as discussed with your Destira Representative
★ 2 rounds of revision on initial mockups, within initial design scope

Revisions are defined as changes to the design that are within the scope of the initial brief or concept, and do not require the development of a new design. Further revisions or changes are subject to a flat $65 art fee, paid prior to the completion and transmission of the work.

If the Customer wishes to change the scope of design (e.g. embellished design to sublimated design, or logowear to theme-inspired), a $65 art fee for service of creating the initial collection of mockups will be due before start of work on developing new designs for the updated project brief. We strongly recommend discussing design inspiration and requirements with your team or group of stakeholders prior to the start of initial design.

Design Accuracy

Using digital mockups and photos to represent a finished garment is inherently difficult, given the differences between computer screens and fabric, ink and pixels. Destira’s custom design team makes every effort to accurately represent the final product in digital mockups and photographs, but there may be some variation in appearance of your final product.

Physical samples of fabric swatches and/or custom printed fabric can be mailed to the Customer, subject to an additional fee. Customer approval of physical fabric samples will cause a delay in the progress of finalizing art and design.

Ownership of Artwork and Design

Destira retains full ownership of the design concepts and artwork created for the Customer unless otherwise stated.

Destira Logo

All Destira garments are manufactured with a visible Destira logo mark. The Customer shall ensure that the Destira logo mark is not defaced, removed, blacked out, or otherwise altered.


Initial Order Minimum Quantity

48 pieces per style for initial orders.

Order Due Date

Destira will provide the Customer with a Due Date for a future order if the Customer has a firm delivery or “need-by” date in mind. The Order Due Date is calculated using both our production timeline as well as our shipping carriers’ published transit times, and is the last possible day that Destira can receive your order and deposit to meet a given delivery deadline.

Placing an Order

An order is placed when we have final design, sizes and quantities desired, approval of the Order Estimate, and payment of order deposit.

We recommend sending in your list of sizes and quantities before 12 p.m. Pacific Time on your Order Due Date, to leave ample time to get your approval of the Order Estimate and collect your deposit before the end of your Due Date.
Orders received after 2 p.m. Pacific Time on the Order Due Date may not process until the following business day.

Order Deposit

For special pre-sales and orders totaling less than $399.99, the full balance of the order is due when the order is placed. For orders totaling $400 or more, a minimum of 50% is due to place the order and the balance is due at the time of shipment. Production cannot begin before we receive initial deposit payment.


Destira prefers payment via credit card over the phone, or credit card or e-check via e-invoice. We also accept checks mailed to our San Carlos address. 

Payment in full, including shipping fees, is due by the time of shipment. Orders that are not paid in full by their scheduled ship date may be held until payment is received, which may delay the order past its scheduled delivery date. 

It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide payment when due.
If Destira does not have authorization to charge the Customer’s credit card on file, or if no valid credit card is on file, Destira will provide a courtesy notice and e-invoice 1-3 business days before the scheduled shipping date. 

Final Sale

All custom purchases are final.



Once manufacturing is underway, the Customer may not cancel any part of the order. 

Changes to an Order-in-Progress 

We strongly recommend Customers buffer their order by 10% in the most popular sizes, as we are not always able to make late additions to your original order. We are always happy to place a smaller reorder with a new shipping date. 

Production Time 

Production timelines are established for each custom order individually. Production time does not include expecting time in transit during shipping. 


Shipping Date 

Shipping Date refers to the date a completed order is scheduled to leave our production facility. Destira cannot control what happens to the shipment once it leaves our production facility. 

Shipping Fees 

Customer is responsible for the costs of transportation and shipping of their order. 

UPS is our preferred carrier for destinations in the contiguous United States. USPS Priority Mail is our preferred carrier for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii. 

International Shipping 

While we will happily work with customers who are located outside of the U.S., we will only ship within the United States. 

Delivery Date refers to date a completed order is expected to arrive at the shipping address provided by the customer.

Though we make reasonable effort to schedule your order due dates and ship date based on your need-by date, Destira is not responsible for the time taken in transit from our production facility to the customer’s shipping address. We calculate your Order Due Date and Shipping Date using our shipping carriers’ published transit times, which may be subject to change or fluctuation beyond Destira’s notice or control. 

Customer is responsible for providing and confirming a valid, accurate shipping address when the order is placed, to be included on the Order Estimate. Destira is not responsible for delivery delays resulting from delivery address errors or inaccuracies. 


Destira archives all design files necessary to place a reorder quickly and easily. Reorder Minimum Quantity is 6 pieces per style. 


Destira stands behind the quality of our garments and are committed to correcting errors on our part whenever possible on a case-by-case basis with our valued customers.

If a product is considered to be defective by the Customer, please let your customer service representative know as soon as you discover the problem. Sending photos is very helpful, as is a description of the problem and the quantity of garments affected. Destira is not responsible for garments that have been mistreated, worn out, had tags removed, or in cases where the recommended garment care instructions have not been followed. 

Customers are welcome to leave feedback for the Custom Team at any time via this survey, or by phone or email.