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Together We Can Fundraiser

together we can fundraiser


TOGETHER WE CAN Fundraiser is back!

Sign up Today!

Here are some resources to help you make the most of your campaign:

Affiliate Guide: All of the basics for running your Together We Can campaign and ongoing Affiliate Sales.  [Download Destira Affiliate Guide]

Together We Can Fundraiser Pro-Tips: We reached out to the gyms with the most referrals so far in our Together We Can fundraiser to ask what they are doing to encourage sales of this special leotard. Here’s their best advice. [Download Destira Fundraiser Pro-Tips]

Owners, coaches, athletes, and judges have all experienced hardship through COVID, as have the ancillary companies that support our dynamic gymnastics community.

In 2020 Destira piloted several new programs that have enabled us help clubs and programs raise funds while raising spirits, giving back more than $40,000 nationally during the pandemic.

Let's keep rebuilding together. Together we can give back to every gymnast in the US and raise money for your club. It starts right here. 

Our largest give-back initiative yet, Together We Can will create unity across our sport, raise money for our partner gyms, and support Regional education.

    The Together We Can leotard will only be available for pre-order 4/25-5/9, but you can continue to earn commission on purchases made through your link all year.

    This is a no-risk fundraiser. You promote the leotard, we pay you for every sale.


    1. When you sign up as a Destira Affiliate, we’ll give you a unique link to our website.
    2. Get your community shopping on
    3. Earn $10 for every Together We Can leotard, PLUS a 20% commission for every other stock item purchased through the link.

    For every Together We Can leotard sold on, Destira will also donate $10 to your USAG Regional Committee.

    If you already registered as an affiliate with us, then you are automatically enrolled in the fundraiser! 


    Get your community shopping on We’ll track your orders using your unique link.

    There are no fees, no minimums, and no risk. We process sales, track your commissions, and fulfill purchases directly to your families. 


    • Register: immediately!
    • Promote: share the sale 4/25 - 5/9 


    If you are interested in participating in the Together We Can fundraiser, please sign up here, email to with "Together We Can" in the subject line, or give us a call at 1-877-741-1325.together we can gymnastics fundriaser