United 2020 Customized Fundraising Leotard

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Customize a Group Leo—Raise Funds and Earn up to $20 Back per Leotard!

Stand together with gyms across the country in the United 2020 tank! Build community by customizing our iconic Defy Gravity leotard with your gym name or unity hashtag embellished in smooth silver spangles on the back. 

The major events of 2020 haven’t gone as we expected, but we’re still here to stand strong with our gym partners, athletes, and the national gymnastics community. 

Quick and Easy Design

To get started, just email us at jacqui@destira.com. All we need to know to get started is who you are and what words or letters you want embellished on the back of your personalized United 2020 tank. You can have up to 3 lines of text on the back of the leotard, with a limited number of characters per line. We will work with you to make suggestions for maximum impact.

We’ll send you a digital mockup within 4 business days of your initial inquiry. Once you approve the mockup, we will prepare the final artwork and the product listing on Destira.com.

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No-Stress Hosted Sales on Destira.com

You don’t have to manage a custom leotard sale. Let us do that for you.

  • Products are activated on the website every Monday by 3pm PDT. 
  • Mockups must be approved by 9am the previous Thursday in order to be activated the following Monday. 
  •  We’ll host your sale for 2 full weeks and then you get paid!

Your Promotion Kit:  Prior to the opening of sales, we’ll send you 5  mages to use on social media or in email to your gymnasts and families. We’ll also include the unique link to your leotard on Destira.com, and a simple suggested marketing plan to help keep your community reminded about the sale, so no one misses the pre-order deadline.

Sales Price: We recommend a retail price on the website of $41 USD. At the close of sale, you will receive $20 per leotard sold—the $41 retail price minus your exclusive wholesale cost of $21 for each leo sold. 
You may choose to list your leotard for a lower price. For example, if you think more of your families would purchase a $35 leotard, we can set the sales price to $35, and then your gym will get $14 back per leotard sold.

Minimum Quantity: A minimum of 24 leotards is required to move forward with the order. If we collect fewer than 24 units on the website, we will let you know and ask which sizes you’d like to order to make up the difference. We would deduct $21 (wholesale cost) per leo from your payout from the presale for those units.

Order Extras: We recommend ordering a few extra leotards in popular sizes to help cushion your order and protect against the disappointment of incorrect sizing or missed deadlines. 

Your Payout: We have three options for your payout at the end of the presale: PayPal transfer, credit on Destira.com, or credit toward a Destira Consignment or Custom order.
Discounts and Promotions: This custom leotard is excluded from any other promotions or discounts on our regular stock items. 

Final Sale: Since these leotards are made-to-order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Please encourage your families to check out our size chart if they are not already familiar with Destira sizing.

Delivery Time: These made-to-order customized leotards will ship directly to buyers 5 weeks after the close of the presale.

defy gravity unity 2020 gymnastics leotards

Why United 2020?

Pre-COVID-19, our 2020 I Can and I Will design was an inspirational rallying cry celebrating strength, big dreams, and unity for the gymnastics community during the run-up for the Olympic Summer Games.

Then, as the country began collectively sheltering in place, closing gyms, and postponing the biggest event in our sport, we saw that individual gymnasts were using the same Defy Gravity design on social media with a message of positivity, determination, and unity. We were inspired by the organic evolution of the mantra being used in this way—no longer about the 2020 Olympics, but about thriving through 2020's new challenges instead.

Our intention with this special offer is to use the Defy Gravity leotard, now renamed Unity 2020, to foster unity both across the gymnastics community, and within each specific club, with the standard front and the personalized back. As we move forward through this bizarre transitional time, we want to continue to build community among Destira, gym owners, and gymnasts and their families.

Thank you for being here with us. We’re thankful to be here for you.

Email Jacqui@destira.com to get started!