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Mother's Day 2024

Destira’s #1 core value is Family First. Family and Self are always the priority. Family is our roots and helps define our actions, our strategy, and the way we do things every day. Family determines how we interact with each other, our customers, and our vendors.

Founder Donna Levy with her daughters, current Destira CEOs Jen Atkinson and Jodi Levy, Destira, 2024

Destira was founded by a mom and her legacy has been passed down to her daughters who are also moms. With this, we have shown how moms are resilient, strong, reliable humans who we like to consider superheroes. 

We asked Team Destira to share their favorite qualities about their moms. Here is what they have to say:

  • Donna (our founder) is fearless; she took the bold step of starting this company without being held back by anxiety or doubt. She’s innovative and creative. She wasn’t/isn’t afraid to try new things or take an unconventional approach to push boundaries. She inspires me in the way she tackled difficult situations at Destira, and navigated/navigates uncertainty in business and life; she always encourages me to rise above my own fears and self-imposed limits. - Jodi L., CEO
  • My favorite trait in my mom is her boundless energy and unwavering commitment to being physically present whenever I need her.  Her tireless efforts and endless support to be present and help me raise my girls are so very appreciated. - Jen A., CEO
  • My mother is so patient and kind. She genuinely thinks about others before herself and it’s something I’ve always greatly admired. - Krystal W., Director of Marketing and Consumer Success
  • I admire my mother's strength and willpower. She is the one person who always calms me down and who I can go to for anything! - Braylee O., Director of Sales
  • The quality I most admired about my mother was her independence. I called her "The Maverick" because she never followed the crowd, did things her own way, and stood by her principles. She could figure out how to do anything (before the internet!) be it wallpapering, laying tile, sewing, etc. She never burned her bra, but she was a true woman's libber! - Jessie D., Custom Project Coordinator
  • Her loving spirit, smile, and open arms whenever we come home.  I feel I have a piece of my mother's spirit and hope to exude it back to my daughters.- Imee L., Assistant Print and Pattern Graphic Designer
  • Her selflessness – no matter how big our family grows she makes every single person feel like the most loved and most important person. She is the best mom and even better grandma! - Emi G., Account Manager
  • The quality about my mother that I admire the most is how she has taught me to serve.  To help those in need and to be involved in your community. From feeding the homeless to community involvement volunteering. - Stephanie S., Product Developer

Jen Atkinson, Donna Levy, and Jodi Levy having fun at the gym, Destira, 2024

We also asked the moms of Team Destira what their favorite part of being a mother is. They said:

  • My favorite part of being a mom is how connected I now am to the fundamental aspects of being human. Motherhood has made me more empathetic and compassionate. The emotional highs and lows of having three kids make me feel alive and give me a deeper understanding of myself! I find so much fulfillment in watching our kids grow up, and make good (and bad!) choices, and it gives me a huge sense of purpose and connection to life. It’s changed who I am but also my relationship with myself and the world around me. - Jodi L., CEO
  • As for my favorite part of being a mother, it's the joy of witnessing the fresh, innocent perspective and insatiable thirst for learning and growth in my girls.   Being able to nurture and guide this curiosity while also learning from it myself, and truly being more in the moment of their days, was a huge change for me when I became a mom. - Jen A., CEO
  • Watching my son learn something new every day. It’s so magical to see the world through his eyes. It really makes you present. Plus he’s just so dang cute! - Krystal W., Director of Marketing and Consumer Success
  • The thing I love the most about being a mother is family dinners. Now that mine are adults, being together is the best. Also, seeing all the hard work of parenting pay off! - Jessie D., Custom Project Coordinator
  • One of the best parts of being a mom is seeing a part of me in them and nurturing and loving my girls unconditionally. - Imee L., Assistant Print and Pattern Graphic Designer
  • I love it all – being a mom has given me so much purpose! The smiles and giggles are pure magic! - Emi G., Account Manager
  • Watching her learn and grow - from teaching her new things and watching her learn new things on her own. - Stephanie S., Product Developer

Today we celebrate all mother figures in children’s lives, whether you are a biological mom, adoptive mom, foster mom, single dad, grandparent, or anyone in between. We honor YOU. Your dedication to raising our little ones to be good, honest people who are empathetic, authentic, and confident does not go unnoticed. We see you. We are you. We love you. Happy Mother’s Day!