Mandala Turquoise Leotard



Size Chart

Inspiration is coming your way! A mandala is a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relationship to family, friends, and community. We’re connected to the world and each other. And when you feel all that positive energy flowing your way, nothing can stop you from giving it your all. Mandala Turquoise leotard features a big, boho design that hugs your waist and radiates peaceful power. Salute the sun in your Mandala Turquoise leotard and feel the good vibes from your finger tips to your pointed toes.

  • Split back styling allows for mobility and unrivaled breathability: feel the fresh breeze!
  • Crafted from durable, high quality, 4-way stretch lycra that is lightweight and highly breathable with superior flexibility.
  • Smooth seams for reduced irritation.
  • Lycra is a perfect choice for gymnasts who demand a fabric that is ultra-soft and comfy.
  • Matching scrunchie included.

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      Size Chart

      Child Sizes  CXXS CXS CS CM CL CXL
      Fits Size 3x 5x 6x 8 10 12
      Adult Sizes  Adult XS  Adult S Adult M Adult L
      Fits Size 0-2 3-4 5-6 8-10

      Tips for Sizing

      Destira leotards run fairly true to your gymnast's clothing size. Most often, a gymnast will wear the same size they wear in street clothes. For example, a 10/12 Child Large in girls clothing is a Child Large in Destira.

      Metallic fabrics have less stretch and will have a tighter feel when worn. Keep fabric type in mind when choosing size. For growing room, choose one size up.

      Please do not size based on another apparel brand, as each brand runs differently. When in doubt size to your gymnast's street clothing size.

      Need help sizing for face masks?  FACE MASK - SIZE CHART

      Girls' Leotards

      Chest Waist Hip Torso Comfortable Fit
      24 1/2" 19 1/2" 21 3/8" 39 3/8" Child XXS (3x)
      24 7/8" 19 7/8" 21 3/4" 41 1/2" Child XS (5x)
      25 1/4" 20 1/4" 22 1/8" 43 3/4" Child S (6x)
      25 5/8" 20 5/8" 22 1/2" 45 3/4" Child M (8)
      26" 21" 22 7/8" 48" Child L (10)

      Women's Leotards

      Chest Waist Hip Torso Comfortable Fit
      27 1/4" 19 3/4" 25 3/4" 49 5/8" Child XL (12)
      28 3/4" 20 3/4" 27 1/4" 51 3/4" Adult XS
      30 1/8" 21 3/8" 28 3/4" 53 7/8" Adult S
      31 1/2" 23 3/4" 30 1/4" 56" Adult M
      33" 25 1/8" 31 3/4" 58" Adult L
      34 3/4" 26 1/2" 33 1/4" 60 3/8" Adult XL*
      *Adult XL available in custom team apparel by special order only.


      How to Measure

      Click here to view a measurement guide.

      1. Chest Measurement: taken with a deep breath, arms held out at shoulder height. Go directly over shoulder blades on back.
      2. Waist Measurement: taken at natural waistline, on-or-around belly-button
      3. Hip Measurement: taken around the fullest part of the buttocks
      4. Torso Measurement: taken from the center of the shoulder, down the front, between the legs, and up to the back to the starting point.

        Care Instructions

        Tips to make your favorite Destira last longer!

        Rinse/Wash ASAP: Leotards need a rinse even after a quick workout. Sweat, body oils, and deodorant can do damage. The sooner you can wash, the better!

        Hand Wash: All the experts agree that hand washing is best. Washing machines agitate all the delicate parts - crystals, vinyl, straps, or holograms.

        Soap Up: We recommend washing a leotard with a mild detergent(our favorite is Ivory Snow liquid). Stay away from a standard laundry detergent, especially granular ones, as they can be abrasive. DO NOT use Woolite or fabric softener. They break down the glue that holds the foil and/or embellishment on the garment. Do not bleach or iron your leotards.

        Dry Off: Resist the urge to wring your leotards after hand washing them. Doing so can damage the fibers. Lay the leotard out on a towel, roll the towel up and squeeze gently, then lay it out to dry. Avoid drying it in sunshine. 

        Rotate Leos: Spandex and Lycra are memory fabrics, meaning they need a full day to snap back to their usual position. If you're at camp, or wear leotards often, it's essential to have more than one so that each leo has 24 hours to bounce back (as well as time to wash and dry completely).

        Keep Cool: Hot water is bad for workout wear. Wash your garment in cold water.

        Prep Your New Leotards: Before your first workout, you can do a 30-minute soak in a vinegar and water mixture (1 tablespoon white vinegar per quart of water) to prevent dye from bleeding. PS - This works for all your clothes and is great for dark denim!

        Watch Where You Sit: When you're at the gym, watch out for Velcro on mats, equipment, or grips. Velcro can snag leotard material.