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10 Reasons being a Gymnast Rocks!

Let’s face it… gymnastics is the coolest sport on the face of the earth! Sure, we may be biased, but we know it’s true, because there are so many reasons to back us up. In fact, here are 10 reasons being a gymnast rocks:
  1. We’re flexible. Many of us can do splits, and some of us can even touch our toes to our heads. No matter which you can do, know that it’s super impressive because flexibility takes A LOT of practice and work. Congrats!
  2. We can jump high and run fast. With abilities like these, we know we make a great asset to team sports in gym. In fact, after they see just how high we can jump, teammates will be proud we're on their team!
  3. We can stand on one foot – no problem! In other words, we’re coordinated, which means we’re less likely to trip over our feet. However, know it could still happen, so look out!
  4. We have a family outside of home. Even if we don’t go to the same school, there’s no doubt our fellow gymnasts are like family. It’s nice to have these great friends… and coaches!
  5. We can “zone in” on anything. We have to concentrate hard – really hard – to pull off some of those moves, and even if we don’t realize it, this ability to concentrate is also paying off in school.
  6. We get to wear leotards! Sure, ballerinas get to wear them, too, but they usually cover them up with tutus. Not us, we sport the leotard just as it is, and we get to pick from a lot of cool colors and prints. It’s a great way to express ourselves!
  7. We have goals. We set out to conquer that back handspring, and we finish our homework despite the time we put into conquering that back handspring. We set goals, and we get things done.
  8. We rock at pretty much everything we do. With our physical capabilities and our determination, we give everything our all to achieve our dreams.
  9. We know how to have fun. Despite the hard work, we have a good time. We laugh with our friends at practice, and we make time to hang out outside of the gym, even if it does involve doing parts of our floor routines at dances.

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