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Custom Gymnastics Apparel for Your Team or Group, Now Easier than Ever

Among the new services we launched this year is hosting sales of custom leotards on our website. Traditionally, we’ve operated our custom program by connecting with a gym, event, or program, designing an awesome custom garment with them, taking their order, and shipping it in bulk when completed. It’s not a broken system and we are happy to continue using it, but when we saw a way to make custom leotards even easier for our business customers, we had to go for it.

Through these hosted sales, we’ve helped raise over $31,000 since the launch of this service in the middle of 2020. Gyms and groups all over the national map ranging in size from small and local to state-wide associations have partnered with Destira to create a custom leo to represent their event or identity, raise spirits among their athletes and families, and bring some needed funds into their gyms and programs.

custom gymnastics meet leotards

You Promote; We’ll Handle Everything Else

When we host your sale, your athletes and families are able to pre-order your custom garments on our website 24/7, and we use our direct-to-consumer sales and fulfillment engine to handle all of the payment processing, order consolidation, and direct fulfillment for you.

You’ll work with us to design your custom garment, promote it to your families (we’ll help!), and collect your profit at the end of the pre-sale period. There are no up-front costs and only a 48-piece minimum commitment.

Once your design is landed, we can launch your custom product on our website within just a few business days. You control your profit by setting the retail price. Your wholesale pricing still depends on both design and quantity, so your final credit per leo is dependent on sales. The most-successful hosted sales are frequently promoted across multiple channels, to reach as wide an audience as possible with a number of reminders to encourage people to act.

custom aloha gymfest and washington state spirit leotards

We recommend a 2-week pre-sale period, giving families ample time to place their order. Limited availability of the pre-sale item can create more interest and urgency, which is good for lifting your sales numbers.

A custom landing page on our website will encourage your families to shop for other products as well, and if you’re signed up for our Digital ProShop program (you should be; it’s free and easy!), you’ll earn 20% commission on every stock item purchased through your referral link, on top of your profits from the custom item.

At the end of the pre-sale period, we report back to you on how many leos were sold, ask if you want to purchase extras (always worth considering for size swaps or folks who miss the deadline), and then we process your credit and send your order to production in bulk.

Production takes about 8 weeks from the date the pre-sale ends, and then we'll ship directly to each buyer.

custom pennsylvania strong gymnastics leotards

New Custom Designs or Re-orders

  • If your meet has gone virtual, like Kokokahi’s Aloha Gymfest, or
  • if you want to give your families an opportunity to order another warm-up leo, like Rigert Elite, or
  • if you’re bursting with state pride and want to build community while helping keep local gymnastics afloat, like WA, or
  • if you’d just rather we handle the hassles of collecting and fulfilling orders for your custom garments because you have plenty else to do, Team Destira is here and happy to help!

Fill out our Inquiry Form to let us know you’re interested, or send us an email at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!