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Destira Leotards: Proudly Made in the USA

When you buy a product and see a sticker attached to it  that says, “Made in the USA,” doesn’t it make you feel a glow of satisfaction? Like you’re contributing to a greater goodness that is helping people in your community or maybe even in  your country? Destira leotards are proudly made in the USA, and it’s the result of our core philosophy that focuses on supporting gym families and our communities.

Since the beginning of Destira our founder, Donna Levy, has chosen to have her leotards crafted by the same manufacturers located in Southern California. Trust, loyalty, local pride, partnerships, and teamwork are some of the words that describe her feelings about choosing local manufacturers. And you probably get those feelings, too, when you see that sticker that says, “Made in the USA.”

It all started with a mom, her 3 gymnastics-obsessed daughters, and a sewing machine in a home in Woodland, California. That mom was Donna and her daughters couldn’t find leotards that they liked. So, being an innovative and proactive gym mom, she dissected a leotard to understand its construction. Then she went to the fabric store, and hand-cut and sewed her very first leotard. When folks at the gym started seeing the hand crafted leotards appear, the response was a resounding, “Can you make one for me, too!?!”

Momentum built quickly and, as requests for Donna’s leotards swelled, she knew she needed a stretch garment sewing facility to take on the growing demand. This is when she met Esther and subsequently Gustavo, two industry experts, each managing small, local garment manufacturing teams. They met challenges without hesitation, were always accommodating, and constantly tending the details to make sure each design reached its potential. It was a true synergistic partnership. That was 18 years ago! And the partnership, forged in trust and loyalty, is still one that Donna cherishes, “I love growing with the same team, there is a trust. I take pride in helping Esther and Gustavo grow as we’ve grown.”

There is a lot behind that label on our leotards that says, “Made in the USA:” partnership, quality assurance, integrity, confidence, and trust.