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Destira: Designed, Manufactured and Celebrated in the USA!

Did you know that Destira products are designed and produced right here in the USA?

Since the beginning of Destira, our athletic apparel has been made right here in America. Donna, Destira’s founder, began making gymnastics leotards for her daughters right in her home. She started making gym leos for them, then their friends, then friends of friends, and the business continued to grow!

Jen, Jodi, and Donna walk through a factory making gymnastics leotards, Destira, 2023

As Destira grew, Donna partnered up with local manufacturers in Los Angeles to help cut and sew Destira leotards and gymnastics accessories. We continue to work with partners here in the United States to provide you with the high-quality, trendy, innovative gymnastics apparel you have come to know and love. "When we started Destira, we inherently wanted to start a company for good. For us, that meant creating jobs, and creating jobs with dignity, that would make a positive impact on our community. One of the things we love about Destira, is the more product we sell, the more hours of fair wage work we’re creating here in the USA," says Jen.

Today, in 2023, a Destira product starts and finishes here in America. Our design team works hard to continue to design new, trendy gym leotards for girls gymnastics that make athletes feel their most comfortable and confident. Our design team spans coast to coast from New York to California and Oregon. They work hard to create a gymnastics leotard for everyone with vibrant colors and unique prints and patterns.

These designs are then cut and sewn in Los Angeles. There are no shortcuts taken when creating a Destira product. When you purchase an item from Destira, you can be confident your product were carefully constructed, and touched by many caring hands right here in America.

Jen, Jodi, and Donna inspect fabric for new gymnastics leotards, Destira, 2023

After a product is completed, it is then shipped to our Distribution Center at our home base in San Carlos, CA. Our team at the warehouse then is able to fulfill and ship your order. Our team expertly folds and packs your order to get your new Destira gear to you as soon as possible.❤️

We make all of our products in Los Angeles, and are committed to proudly being USA made. We strive to be a relationship-centered business that nurtures authentic personal connections with our vendors, partners and customers. We design and manufacture athletic apparel to make you feel like YOU, feeling happy and confident as who you are.

You can shop for your new Destira gear here! Order today!