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Ways to Encourage Kids to Have An Active Lifestyle

With summertime here, kids are out of school and ready for fun. Just because there is no structured physical education class doesn’t mean your child(ren) can’t be active at home. Take a look at some ways that you can continue to encourage your child to have an active lifestyle - even with no PE or recess! 

Gymnasts in colorful gymnastics biketards, Destira, 2023
  • Enroll your child in a summer program or camp! There are many programs that get your child up and moving throughout the week - including gymnastics clubs, school camps, and even local rec centers. This is a great way for them to continue being active while being with friends throughout the summer. 
  • Join in being active with your kids! Evening walks or afternoon bike rides as a family are a great way to bond while staying active together. 
  • Encourage your child to share what they love about their sport of choice. Children love to learn about topics that interest them. Let them share all of their fun facts about gymnastics, dance, karate - whatever they love - and encourage them to learn more. 
  • Get some gear! Kids like to feel as if they are part of their sport. Encourage that feeling by getting some sport-related gear that they can show off. Whether it be a girls’ gymnastics unitard or a softball glove - they will be excited to show it off to their friends! 
Encouraging children to be active can be very simple. Whether it is learning about the top 10 basketball players in the WNBA while playing on the court or showing off in a fun summer girls’ biketard at summer gymnastics camps, you can help encourage your child to be active all summer long!

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