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Destira Through the Years: Krystal’s Journey

This year, we are celebrating 20 years of Destira! Destira would not be the gymnastics apparel destination that it is without the people who make up Team Destira. You have met Jen, Jodi, and Donna many times throughout the years through videos, blog posts, and social media. We want to dive in even deeper and let you get to know more people behind the name: Destira. 

Meet Krystal Weakley, our Director of Marketing and Consumer Success. Krystal has been with Destira for 12 years! You may have seen her at events, on Instagram Live, or even talked to her through our customer service line. It’s been quite a journey to becoming the Director of Marketing and Consumer Success here at Destira.

Fresh off of a move to Portland, Krystal saw a listing for a nanny job for Jodi. Jodi was a new mom who was working from home as an owner of Destira. Krystal says, “I was in Portland for a week-ish when I saw the listing from Jodi. I remember going in - I even remember what I was wearing! - and we sat in the kitchen. I was the first interview.” With confidence and a positive attitude, Krystal nailed the interview with Jodi and Darren.
Krystal Packing up From National Congress and Visiting Alejandra's Fashion - a Destira Manufacturer in Los Angeles
Krystal (left) in 2013 packing up boxes at National Congress and again in 2022 at our manufacturer’s warehouse in Los Angeles (right).
During the first year as a nanny, Krystal spent much time with Jodi and therefore, with Destira! At that time, Jodi was handling all marketing for Destira. Krystal graduated from Grand Canyon University in Art Education. With this background in art, including digital art & design, Krystal started offering to help Jodi with editing photographs during nap times which turned into management of Destira’s emails and website. 
After about 2 years, Krystal transitioned into a full-time Destira employee! She started out in our retail and sales departments handling marketing and retail sales marketing while also traveling the country to different meets and events. “I have done it all when it comes to pop-ups and events. Literally everything,” says Krystal. After attending so many events and meets over the years, we asked Krystal if she had a favorite event that she attended. “Two events stand out. The first is the Manhattan Classic.” The Manhattan Classic is a huge event on Pier 94 in New York City with over 6,000 gymnasts. “We were the exclusive leotard provider for the meet leotards… [This event] has such cool energy because everyone loves New York! Everyone from all over the country attending is experiencing the magic of the city.” 
Krystal at the Manhatten Classic
Krystal in New York at the Manhattan Classic, hosted by NYC Elite.
The second event that stands out for Krystal was a smaller meet held in Athens at the University of Georgia. The feel of being in Athens, on UGA’s campus, was “a really cool experience; I would have never had the opportunity to go here if it wasn’t for traveling with Destira,” says Krystal. 
Krystal was not only traveling the East coast of the USA, but she has also been cross country! From coast to coast, Krystal has visited convention centers, college universities, big cities, and small towns. For 10 years, Krystal enjoyed traveling as a Destira representative meeting people from all over who share a love of Destira and gymnastics! 
Now, as the Director of Marketing and Consumer Success, Krystal manages the full customer experience from start to finish. From your first impression of Destira all the way through purchasing your first Destira leotard. She works across many departments to ensure that your experience is always a fantastic one. 
After 12 years, Krystal has many memories from Destira. Some of the most impactful ones are anytime she can revel in how close to all of the greatness she is. Especially while traveling, she has stood in the same room and met many Olympians and fantastic athletes. “To have that level of skill and dedication is so rare in this world… You really start to respect them [the athletes] in a different way,” says Krystal. She loves working in the gymnastics world since “this is the type of sport that is getting girls to be active and also be confident…. bottom line - gymnastics is scary! It takes a lot to push that fear down!”
In three words, Krystal describes her time with Destira as Rewarding, Humbling, and Fun! Seeing a small business grow to what it is today to making memories and friends that will last a lifetime - it is a journey she is proud to be on. 
Krystal has come a long way in her time at Destira. We asked her if she has any advice for those in the workforce looking to advance their own career. “Never be afraid to try something new! Everything is attainable - it is all about taking the risk and trying something new,” says Krystal. “It’s okay to fail and ask for help. Nothing is out of reach if you are willing to try.”

As we were winding down our conversation, Krystal had one final thing to say. “It’s been a long road but I have ALWAYS loved coming to work!”

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