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Destira Through the Years: Darcie’s Journey

Do you love the feeling of seeing an iconic blue Destira package waiting for you when you get home? Do you love how each order is packed with care just for you? How about knowing that when you open your package, there is always a personal touch to show you how important you are to each of us on Team Destira? 

The Destira Distribution Center (DC) is where all the magic happens, and Darcie Vasquez is our Operations Manager that makes it all run smoothly and efficiently! 

Darcie Working on fulfilling orders at the DC
Darcie working hard fulfilling holiday orders after our Black Friday Sale in 2022! 
Darcie started at Destira in September of 2016 - back when we were located on El Camino Real! Darcie began at Destira as the Office Lead in a much smaller space where our “warehouse” was also an office for our Bay Area employees.
Within two years, Darcie was promoted to Operations Manager. What does an operations manager do? The real question is what doesn’t an operations manager do! As Operations Manager, Darcie has her hands in hiring for our fulfillment team, staffing the DC, inventory management for both our website and consignment programs, coordinating between our production in LA and arrivals to the warehouse, overseeing shipping all supplies for events across the country, and so much more. 
Darcie and Kim working on Consignment orders
Darcie and Kim, our Consignment Fulfillment Lead, working on consignment orders in the old location on El Camino!
It is no walk in the park to coordinate all of these jobs for one person, but Darcie makes it look easy though to the rest of Team Destira. Not only does Darcie fulfill her role as operations manager, she also helps create and foster the warm, family-like culture of Destira with our DC employees. She does this in many ways including taking the time to celebrate employees' birthdays with a special treat and even taking a couple of hours out of the day to have a holiday party with everyone in the warehouse. By fostering the Destira culture each day, she has created a fun environment that makes Destira employees excited to come in for work each day! 
Darcie has made many memories over the years with Destira. One of Darcie’s fondest memories is seeing all of the changes and growth that has happened in the last 7 years. “In the El Camino location, event season would roll around and I would basically create an entire new WALL of boxes in front of my desk with supplies for events until pickup from the shipping courier.” Now, Darcie is able to pack and store packages/equipment for events outside of our day-to-day workstations yet still inside our warehouse. Even though Destira has grown vastly since Darcie began, she has been able to keep the cherished Destira culture alive through it all.
Darcie Celebrating her Birthday with a Mini Cake from Jen
Darcie celebrating her birthday with a mini-cake at the El Camino location.
We asked Darcie an almost impossible question when we spoke with her: what three words describe your time with Destira? After thinking for a moment, Darcie answered with “Adventure, Dynamic, and Joyful!”. She said adventure since we never know what is going to come next, especially with the rapid growth of Destira. Dynamic since it is different day-to-day and week-to-week. It is never the exact same working in the DC! She ended with joyful. Joyful because everyone walks in with a smile, greeting one another, and working to have the best time they can during the day. 
Darcie summed it up perfectly at the end of our chat. “It has been a wild ride. It is exciting to see what can happen in only 5 years, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” 

Want to share your journey with the Destira community? Send us an email at or a direct message on Instagram at @destiraleotards!