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Girl on Fire leotard is back & better than ever!

Girl on Fire is Back: Sneak Peek of a New Design

It’s back in action! One of your favorites has made a return by popular demand. You wanted more and Destira listened. Our updated design of the “Girl is On Fire” leotard is better than ever. The message of empowerment is still the same, but the look is even fiercer. We thank Lina, one of our Destira designers, for the gorgeous reinvention of a beloved favorite. And we invite you to take a sneak peek behind the scenes and discover the thought and energy that went into the reboot of one of our most popular of leotards!

Hi Lina, did you use any of the previous design elements to inform the new design? What updates did you want to make?
“The previous designs had elements of fire to tie into the verbiage. I wanted to keep that overall feel, but in a more subtle and trendy way. Which is why using this fabric was the perfect opportunity for this design. Bringing in those fire colors with a fun ombre layout gave this new design the updated look but still keeping the integrity of the desired visual appeal.”

What does the phrase, "Girl on Fire," mean to you and how did it inspire your design? Can you tell us about the fabric, color, texture selection and how they support the final design?
“’Girl on Fire’ is all about acknowledging your power and owning it ! I want to encourage young girls to embrace their strengths so that they can build confidence, have fun, and really shine the way they want to!”

How do you want girls to feel when they wear this design?
“I want girls to feel the designs I create highlight their individual strengths – whether that is, power, positivity, having fun, or any other way they identify. It is all about encouraging their own personal style in the gym.”

How does it feel to know that you connected with so many gymnasts?
“Fantastic! My goal is always to design leotards that are impactful, cool, and of great quality that the girls will love. So to know that this style has been such a big hit means I have checked all the boxes.”

At Destira, we are constantly creating fresh, new designs to keep you inspired in and out of the gym. We are obsessed with fashion trends and take our passion to the next level by making sure you feel confident, comfortable, and powerful. Check out our brand new Girl on Fire leotard and its message of strength. Let your unique inner light shine bright!