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GRL PWR- Educate and Celebrate with Your Gym!


GRL PWR- Educate and Celebrate with Your Gym!

Girl Power, two words that can change the world!   The saying “empowered women” has never been truer to our gymnastics community than it is now. Gymnastics is so many things to each of us individually.  At Destira, our gymnastics journey has greatly influenced the way we are today as mother’s and entrepreneurs.  We’re a multi-generational female run company and we work hard to create apparel for gymnasts that fosters self-expression, helps build self-esteem. 

Committed to the community that means so much to us, Destira has partnered with NYC Elite Gymnastics to raise awareness and fundraise for AAF (Athlete Assistance Fund), and for our athlete survivors.  The AAF provides help to gymnasts who have experienced sexual abuse in the sport of gymnastics and also provides counseling services to these survivors. We are proud and humbled to be part of this GRL PWR movement to make a difference and to celebrate our great sport with our amazing community.   (

Destira has designed custom GRL PWR leotards, as a way to raise funds and unite as a community through GRL PWR events.  Destira will donate 25% of proceeds (wholesale purchase price $25) for every leotard purchased to AAF.  We have priced the leotards at this low price so event organizers can donate their chosen percent of proceeds from leotards to AAF as well.

Destira plans to host a GRL PWR event near our local offices in partnership with community organizations and clubs.  We encourage gymnasts, gym coaches and gym families to speak to their club about hosting a GRL PWR event.  In addition to raising awareness and funds for AAF, GRL PWR events will foster positive self-esteem, team work and self-expression, and remind gymnasts that together, with hard work, girls can do anything they set their minds to.

International Day of Girl is October 11th. Consider this day to host your GRL PWR event!! 

Here are some great ideas for hosting a fantastic event, generated in collaboration with Tina Ferriola of NYC Elite. 

  • Deepen the meaning! Encourage gymnasts to bring in something that GRL PWR means to them! It could be a poem they wrote, a poster, a book, a t-shirt from a competition, a picture of their family or friends
  • Celebrate GRL PWR! Everyone loves rewards and recognition for their efforts.  Build prizes for selected winners who really did a great job of expressing their meaning of GRL PWR. It could be a GRL PWR water bottle, or a book, grip bag or other token of appreciation.  We would recommend considering a group prize since a lot of girls like to do presentations together! 
  • Get Involved! Coaches, owners, parental or other respected community leaders should prepare to share what GRL PWR means to them.  I think it's important for girls to see their coaches stand up and express themselves as well! 
  • Bring in the experts! Find creative ways to promote the wonderful things gymnastics teaches us by inviting experts, local gymnastics industry businesses/partners, and designing work-shops.
  • Make it fun! Encourage girls to do a group presentations that they coordinated on their own. Rewrite lyrics, choreograph a routine, or present a story or poem or piece of art. Make sure to have coaches understand the event so they can remind the girls in practice! 
  • Set the tone! Set up a photo booth with props for the girls to enjoy.  Create a great music mix to keep energy levels high.  Consider a fun snack or treat to thank the gymnastics for participating and celebrate the joint efforts to raise awareness and education around GRL PWR and funds towards AAF. 
  • Make it your own! To make your event truly unique, consider creating team building games or an organized craft. Consider partnering with a local community organization to incorporate community service into your event efforts and team building. 
  • Keep up the spirit through the year! Add a bulletin board to your gym where girls can  bulletin where girls are empowered to post quotes, pictures, or accomplishments that represent GRL PWR! 

To get started with ordering GRL PWR leotards, contact Sarah Hall at (971)242-8543 or at 

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We would love to feature your gymnasts and their stories, photos, and videos. If you interested in hosting an event or have athletes who’ve made a positive impact in your community, please e-mail us at   Additionally, please tag us #destiraleotards #destiradonates  #AAF #GRLPWR to share your stories and be featured on!