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GRL PWR: Destira donates 25% to AAF


We’re a women owned company founded by gymnasts. The sport and community we love has given us so much, and has shaped us and our brand. It has changed our lives. That's why we've collaborated with AAF (Athlete Assistance Fund) to help raise awareness and funds to improve the lives of gymnasts and gym families. For the sale of each of our new GRL PWR leotards, Destira will donate 25% to AAF. We’re proud to support AAF and grateful for this chance to contribute.

We put a lot of thought into the design of this very special collection. We see courage, strength, and dedication in every gymnast. And that inspired us to create a new leotard that conveys a fearless message of hope and triumph.

GRL PWRThe power of words can’t be underestimated and our bold graphic is a shout out to feeling empowered and confident with who you are.  Words can remind you that you do have the inner strength to overcome obstacles, that you need to dig deep to tap into your potential. GRL PWR is a very real vibe, and those words placed over our custom camo print come alive.

The GRL PWR leotard needed to be fiercely beautiful and designed for an athlete. We chose heather fabric for the GRL PWR collection. It’s a beautifully patterned, modern fabric with soft hand feel and a firm texture that will cover you confidently. Our premium heather fabric has all of the qualities you expect in a high performance material: moisture wicking, durable, quick drying, and breathable. We chose to use our Perfect Tank silhouette for the GRL PWR collection. This shape has been carefully designed for comfort and superior mobility. It’s a timeless classic that works for every workout and every athlete.

Together we can make a difference, please join us in creating positive change! Check out how to host your own GRL PWR event at your gym here.

P.S. Here's our newest Spotify playlist celebrating girls! You can play our favorite girl anthems right here.