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Gym Spotlight: Get to Know Salto Gymnastics Center

Our spotlight is shining on one of our partners:
Salto Gymnastics Center. Read on and find out more about their mission, motivation, and custom leotards designed by Destira.

Destira’s mission is to design, develop, and deliver sports apparel that inspires and empowers the athletes who wear it, and connecting with people who value what we do makes our work more meaningful and more fun.  We love getting to know our customers  - whether we’re working together on custom apparel for your team, stocking your pro shop, or meeting up at an event.

In the spirit of sharing the love, we want to shine a light on some of the many dynamic gyms we partner with, and we’re so pleased to feature Salto Gymnastics, Inc. in our first Gym Spotlight. Established in 1978, they’ve been welcoming recreational and competitive gymnasts into the Salto family for 41 years. Read on to learn what drives the Salto team, what’s going on in their two busy gyms, and the origin of the Zuhlke vault.

“[Destira] leotards put big smiles on all of our gymnasts, whether they are recreational or competitive gymnasts.” - Kara, Office Manager Salto West

Destira Designs for Salto Invitational 2019
We’ve partnered with Salto since 2016 to create custom leotards for their teams and events,  and recently delivered these custom-sublimated leotards for their 41st annual Salto National Invitational, held in March 2019. They got in touch wanting a Lycra tank with a sporty look in multiple colorways over an abstract pattern. We listened and delivered these two coordinating leotards in blue-to-light green and blue-to-pink ombres over a pattern that adds visual interest without creating distraction.

Get to Know Salto Gymnastics Center, Inc.
A big Thank-you to Kara for giving us a look into Salto and its programs! The following has been lightly edited for length.
Our Mission and Motivation: We LOVE the sport of gymnastics! Every person who works at Salto is connected by their love for the sport. We want to share our passion and expertise with our customers so they can experience this fantastic sport at all levels. Our goal is to greet every person who walks through our doors, regardless of age, with smiles and respect. We want everyone to feel like they are part of the Salto family.

What We’re Proud of: Our wonderful coaching staff, students' progress in their skills, our JO teams -- this year the Team 3, 4, and 5 girls all got first place at the Wisconsin State Meet. And we have a level 10 girl who currently has 2 vaults named after her! The Zuhlke is included in the new code of points. Her vault is a front handspring on to the board, ¼  to ½  turn on, back salto piked. The second vault is similar, it starts the same with a front handspring on to the board, 1/4 to 1/2 turn on, then a back salto tucked with a full turn off.

#Goals:  We want to continue our level of excellence in all our programs. We have just started a NinjaZone program at the Brookfield Gym that we are excited to grow over the coming years!

Typical Saturday at the Gym: We have Tiny Tot classes in the mornings at both locations, as well as Developmental classes for boys and girls on the Olympic events geared for children in first grade through high school. The Brookfield Gym offers birthday parties on Saturday afternoons, and an Open Gym at night for children in first grade through high school.

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