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The Perfect Gymnastics Outfits

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Is summer over for your gymnast? Time to get back in the gym, back to school, and get some brand new gymnastics outfits!

Pair your favorite leotard with some Power Flex Shorts or Cropped Leggings. Don’t forget a flashy grip bag and adorable matching doll leo!

Here are some ideas for the perfect back to school gymnastics outfit!

Outfit 1: Girl Power

Leotard: Unicorn Doodles

Shorts: Mystique Sport Short-Berry Pink

Grip bag: Grl Pwr Grip Bag

Doll Leo: Printed Matching Doll Size

Outfit 2: Spread Your Wings, You’re Unstoppable

Leotard: Butterfly Effect

Shorts: Black with Turquoise Power Flex Shorts

Doll Leo: Crystal- Matching Doll Size Leotard

Grip Bag: Can’t Stop Me Grip Bag

Outfit 3: Classic and Focused

Leotard: Maui Leotard

Leggings: Black Zen Cropped Leggings

Doll Leo: Graphic- Matching Doll Size Leotard

Grip Bag: Pink Gymnast Illusions Grip Bag

Destira has so many styles to mix and match, why not make going back to school a little fun? Good luck and positive vibes this school year! We’d love to see you in your favorite gymnastics outfit! Email us photos to or tag us on Instagram @destiraleotards!