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How To Create the Perfect Gymnastics Bun

Getting ready for a competition is fun and exciting! You listen to a favorite playlist that pumps you up for your routines, you put on your beautiful competition leotard, you do your hair… For first time gym-parents creating the perfect competition bun can be daunting. It has to look perfect AND it has to stay in!

Here’s a guide on how to create the perfect gymnastics hair bun for your Destira Star!


-Vented --hair brush

-Bristle hair brush
-2 large hair ties
-Small, clear hair ties
-Hair gel
-Hair spray
-Bobby pins  and/or hair clips
-Hair net (optional)


Use the vented brush to comb through your hair and free it of any tangles. Brush your hair up into a ponytail and tie it down with one of your large hair ties.


Use the bristle hair brush to smooth the top, sides, and bottom of your hair. You can do this either as your putting your hair into the ponytail or use the bristle brush to slick it back once it’s already up.

Comb the ponytail into 2 or 3 even sections. The thicker your hair is, the more sections for braids you’ll want to make. Braid each section. You can put a little gel into the hair before it’s braided to keep any frizz’s away.


Take one of the outside braids and wrap it around the ponytail, securing it into place with bobby pins. Then take the second braid and wrap it around the first, securing it into place with bobby pins. If there’s are additional braids, repeat until they’re all pinned up.


For added security (we want that hair to stay in)! secure into place with a large elastic hair tie. You may want to use a hair net at this point to keep any loose pieces of the bun from coming astray.


Wrap the scrunchie around the pinned-up bun. If you want a fuller look, wrap it just once and secure it into place with a couple of bobby pins.

Clip or pin any stray hairs from the ponytail into place. Spray with a strong-hold hairspray and you’re done!

Have a great competition! If you need some scrunchies to make that competition-bun perfect check out ours out at to get a perfectly matching scrunchie!