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Back to School: Fall Gymnastics Outfits

Temperatures are going down, excitement is bubbling, your gymnast is ready to dive back into studying and the gym. This school year Destira encourages you to be a wanderer and discover new things, be a wild dreamer and follow your heart, be bright and bold and let your passion shine. 

We want to keep you focused, confident, and fun- so we've chosen some excellent choice leotards for back to school styles! 


The Wanderer Leotard

You've spent the summer traveling with family, seeing new sights, and discovering new skills at summer camp. Don't let it stop there! This leotard pushes you to explore and let adventure find you.

Sun Kissed Leotard

Coming back into the classroom after a summer of fun, sun kissed, and excited to learn. Bring this bright and cheerful leo into your practice, it's bound to lighten up the mood.

Dream Catcher Leotard

What would you dare to dream if you thought you'd never fail? Well if you can dream it, you can do it. Let the leaping gymnast inspire you through your training.

Of course you'll need more than just leotards to keep you ready for anything that comes your way this season. Add a pair of Power Flex Shorts or Charcoal Cropped Leggings. Find a full selection of shorts and leggings on our website. Don't forget about accessories! Matching doll leotards, grip bags, or scrunchies check them out in our accessories blog post!

Destira wishes you all the best this school year. We hope our leotard designs keep you inspired, motivated, and smiling!