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gymSAFE Symposium coming soon!

Hello Destira Stars!

It’s that time of year again! gymSAFE’s annual Healthy Gymnast Symposium takes place on Sunday, Sept. 22nd in Belmont, CA. This year’s theme is Recovery: Work Hard, Rest Harder.

Sam Peszek gymSAFEAt the symposium coaches, gymnasts and athletes will have the opportunity to hear from a Mental Performance Coach, a Physical Therapist, a Nutritionist, a Sports MD, and an Elite Professional Performer. Additionally, there will be a college panel which is headlined this year by 2008 Olympian, Samantha Peszek! Gymnasts will have the opportunity to ask the college athletes questions and hear from them about their experience competing at the collegiate level.

gymSAFE is a non-profit organization dedicated to injury prevention in the sport of gymnastics. Their mission is to provide gymnastics professionals and athletes with the tools and knowledge to prevent gymnastics-related injuries. To learn more about gymSAFE and their mission click here.

The founders of the non-profit created the gymSAFE Movement Screen, which is a standardized test that consists of gymnastics-specific tasks. The screen was designed to identify movement dysfunctions linked to common gymnastics injuries. The screen only takes 15 minutes per athlete, and they have an app which provides results immediately. gymSAFE will come to your gym to test each of your gymnasts and follow up with a Prehab Workshop for your coaches and athletes.

In addition to all of the amazing Movement Screens they host, once per year, the annual gymSAFE Healthy Gymnast Symposium takes place! The symposium is gymSAFE’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The funds raised at this event allow gymSAFE to conduct research and education outreach to reduce gymnastics injuries around the country. The bonus is that the symposium is a fabulous, fun, and informative event that benefits the gymnastics community.

Destira has partnered with gymSAFE to create a custom leotard for their event! You can buy your custom gymSAFE Destira leotard and tickets for the symposium here!

Destira custom leotard for gymSAFE

We hope to see you at the 3rd annual Healthy Gymnast Symposium!
gymSAFE flyer