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Inside Destira: Braylee’s Journey

If you have a wholesale or consignment account with Destira, you have probably chatted with our Director of Sales, Braylee, at some point. With over 15 years of sales experience, keep reading to see why Braylee is our #1 sales expert here at Destira!

Braylee began her journey in sales almost 20 years ago. The start of her career was in cosmetics - she has worked for many big names such as Ulta, Nordstrom, and MAC Cosmetics, as well as other cosmetic companies. While with these companies, Braylee has had multiple roles including being a vendor, in sales, and in operations and management. As a store manager for MAC Cosmetics and as a Counter Manager at Nordstrom, Braylee was over all recruiting and training, plus running the day-to-day operations of the store. 
Braylee Osterhaus and Krystal Weakley at a Gymnastics Event for Destira, 2023
Five years ago, Braylee was looking for a change. Krystal, our Director of Marketing and Consumer Success, was a good friend of Braylee's and recommended Destira! At that point, Krystal had been with Destira for many years which “is a great testament to the company,” says Braylee. 
Destira was a great match for Braylee. She joined the team and hasn’t looked back! “Destira aligned with my family values,” says Braylee, “Plus, I could still be creative in my role without having to be the designer.” 
When Braylee joined the team as an Account Manager, she worked hard in managing our current wholesale and consignment accounts to ensure everyone had an excellent Destira experience. She also worked hard on growing the Destira Community by opening new accounts across the country. 
As the Director of Sales, she has worked with Team Destira to bring our Custom Team under the sales umbrella. Braylee works closely with our entire sales team - both Custom and traditional B2B - to ensure that we can continue to make our customers the #1 focus. “We are the expert,” says Braylee, “We know how to meet customer needs while keeping them as the focus.” 
Additionally, Braylee works hard to curate and manage relationships with mass merchants and partners. Since she joined Destira, Braylee has worked extensively with The Little Gym franchise. With Braylee’s efforts, Destira is the preferred leotard vendor for The Little Gyms across the country. In fact, some of Braylee’s favorite memories at Destira include going to the annual The Little Gym reunion each year with Krystal. “It is always so impactful and so fun!” 
Braylee Osterhaus Destira Gymnastics Custom Apparel Sales Director Enjoying Time Out of the Office, 2023
One of Braylee’s biggest challenges as the Director of Sales has been to grow our custom apparel back to pre-pandemic numbers and higher. “There has been a lot of transition, learning, and training to bring Custom back to life post-pandemic,” says Braylee, “It will be totally worth it in the end - I want this challenge!” 
As far as Destira’s Core Values go, Braylee says Family First is a “given” on how important it is to her, but Do the Right Thing is another core value that hits close to home for her. “I’ve learned to use your best judgment and the customer is always right. At Destira, I have been taught to do the right thing and how being autonomous is important… With this, we are able to create genuine customer service.” If you check out all of Braylee’s many 5-star reviews on, you can see just how much our customers love working with her! 
Braylee is an integral part of Team Destira. We are grateful for her drive, hard work, and motivation each day to make Destira the company that you love to work with! 

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