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Inside Destira: Morgan’s Journey

Did you know that Destira offers custom gymnastics apparel that can be branded for your team or gym? If you have designed a custom Destira leotard recently, you probably know Morgan - our Custom Sales Manager! 

Morgan joined the Destira team in 2022. We sat down and chatted with Morgan about her journey to becoming the Custom Sales Manager here at Destira. 
The sales world was never really on Morgan’s mind (even though she is stellar at it). From Mobile, AL, Morgan was working as a swim instructor and coach. During the off-season, she was looking for some more working hours so she started working at a local swim store in Mobile. She excelled with this new job she worked her way up to a store manager and then to the southeast sales manager. 
Morgan Felschow and her husband enjoying an event, Destira, 2023
Morgan’s sales career then turned to cosmetics. Morgan worked for big names in the cosmetic world including Sephora, Estee Lauder, and even Dillard’s. “I loved working in cosmetics. I loved seeing the positive difference in helping [people] with their self-esteem each day,” said Morgan. 
Once the pandemic hit the world, Morgan was looking for a change of pace. She studied and received her insurance license, and started working in the insurance world. In this industry, Morgan learned how much she valued making a positive difference in people’s lives. 
When Morgan found Destira it was a perfect match. “Everything [at Destira] resonated with my personal values and beliefs,” said Morgan, “I mean, a group of strong women who want to have an impact on girls… supporting girls and their strength, confidence, strong self-worth - this is what I needed!”
“This job felt like I was making the difference and having conversations that I felt good about and making a good impact.” 
As the Custom Sales Manager, Morgan works with teams and gyms to make their custom gymnastics apparel dreams come to life. She starts the conversation with clients, then makes a timeline and helps nail down a gymnastics leotard design that is created by our amazing design staff. “It is really fun to have a custom team that is so collaborative and seeing all the hands a project goes into all the way through to the showcase, event, or proshop,” says Morgan.
Morgan Felschow attends 2023 Region 8 Congress representing Destira, 2023
Being the Custom Sales Manager does not come without its challenges. Morgan says the biggest challenge for her is coordinating across the departments to bring a project to life. “We are on such a timeline, everything has to fall into place while being on time to work. It is all about managing multiple schedules and production timelines and scheduling everything the right way as it is ALWAYS the priority to get the customer their products on time.”
Since joining Destira, Morgan has had some great memories. So far, her favorite memory was the USA Gym National Congress in Tampa last year. “It was CRAZY!” she says. “I had just started with the company, my flight was late, but I came in and everyone was ready to go with tons of energy and life. The energy that everyone brought that weekend was inspiring!” Plus, she learned a great lesson that weekend - always fly for business in business attire so you are ready to jump into the action as soon as you land!
Morgan's child outside playing, Destira, 2023
The Destira core values are an important part of every Destira team member. For Morgan, two values resonate with her: Family First and Do the Right Thing. Family First because it is extremely important for Morgan to have family time with her husband and son. “I love working for owners who are mothers,” says Morgan. Morgan appreciates the value of Do the Right Thing because she loves being supported to do the right thing for herself and for her clients. “I never have to worry or be scared when I pick up the phone,” she says, “It feels good that I can always have honest and open conversations with our clients because at the end of the day, I know we figure everything out and will do the right thing.” 

Morgan had just a couple of parting words to conclude our chat: Attitude attracts attitude so stay positive! ✨

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Want to chat with Morgan about custom athletic apparel for your team? Fill out this inquiry and she will be in touch with you!