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Meet the Team: Jessie Dunn

We are so excited to introduce our new Custom Project Coordinator, Jessie Dunn, to Team Destira! 

Jessie grew up in Newport Beach, CA and currently resides in the Las Vegas area. Fun fact - Jessie began working at Destira in 2008! She started with the team as our Consignment Manager and became our Production Manager in 2015. In 2020, Jessie left Destira to become a Parish Administrator for her church. She retired in 2022 when she and her husband moved to Las Vegas. After enjoying some time off, she is ready to jump back into the Destira community as our Custom Project Coordinator! 

Custom Project Coordinator, Jessie, with her family, Destira, 2024

As Custom Project Coordinator, Jessie will be working directly with our custom clients. She will be their point of contact once orders have been placed. What does it feel like to work with Jessie? "It’s like a wedding dress: this is the most important thing for this customer. I want them to feel that we are just as invested in their project as they are and will take as much care as if it were their wedding dress!"

Jessie is in a unique position as she has worked for Destira before. When we asked her what she likes about working at Destira, she said "I have always been very proud of what makes Destira, Destira – a family-owned company that makes each employee feel a part of that family.  Destira gave me the opportunity to come back into the workforce as a working mother.  I met so many great people and was fulfilled with the work."

Outside of work, Jessie loves spending time with her family and swimming. You can also catch her reading "Cold Sassy Tree" by Olivia Ann Burns or "Sarum" by Edmund Rutherford. She also enjoys listening to the podcast "American Voices" by Senator Bill Bradley. 

We are thrilled to have Jessie back on Team Destira! We can't wait for you to meet her! 😊