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New Year, New Leotards — What's your favorite new style?

We joyfully debuted a flurry of new styles in the first part of 2021 — Which ones did you add to your collection?

We launched our Female Empowerment Collection as a pre-sale in January. It felt right to start the new year with a new leotard collection with a powerful message. 
  • Future is Female is a bold design with nothing to distract from its singular, important message.
  • Self Love Club is all about celebrating self, caring for our bodies and minds, and encouraging our friends and family to do the same.
  • Girls Support Girls reminds us that we’re better together, that teamwork makes the dream work, that we promote community over competition.

    A bold color-block style, Sugar Pop came in February, right in time to join Heart Eyes and Parisian Pups for Valentine’s Day.

    Black Jaguar and Rose Gold Camo launched as two new understated athletic styles with just the right amount of shine. 

    Elegant Mirror Mirror debuted our new Extended Woven Back body style, a new strappy back leotard with a sophisticated look. 
    Together We Can was our big event in the second part of February, a fundraiser pre-sale benefitting individual clubs as well as US Regional Committees with a one-of-a-kind graffiti-inspired design, using handwritten words from some of our favorite gymnasts. 

    bananas gymnastics leotards
    Banana-Rama is a new, contemporary cousin to our bestseller and fan-fave Gone Bananas, which we’re pretty sure will never go out of style. 

    High Voltage jumped into the catalog with a colorful graphic lighting bolts and horizontal rules, reminding us of notebook doodles. We especially love the mesh back strap and matching doll leo - Ka-pow!

    big cat gymnastics leotards
    Finally, in March Big Mood and Wild and Free joined Tiger, Tiger Stripe, and Wild Side in our pride of big cat styles, inspiring gymnasts to connect to their inner power, grace, and strength.

    And if you think THOSE are cool, we can't wait to show you all of the colorful, playful, sporty leotards releasing soon.

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