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October Customer Spotlight: Araceli Teran

Introducing Customer Spotlights! As a family owned, small business, Destira values each and every customer. Our community, especially our customers, are the true face of our brand. We want to highlight our amazing community and those that stand behind our brand and products.  

We'll be showcasing our top customers on our blog with the most orders and product reviews to show our appreciation. This month's all star is Araceli Teran and her daughter Stella.

1. Tell us about yourself. What's your story?

I’m a mom of 4 kids, married 22 yrs, and work as a nurse case manager. I have 3 boys, ages 5, 7, & 21, and one daughter whom is 10.
My whole life revolves around family, work, and being a mom taxi!

2. What is your connection to gymnastics?

My daughter Stella has been doing gymnastics for 4 yrs; she’s currently on the level 4 team, and my 5 yr old son Ernie is in beginner recreational boys gymnastics since the summer.

3. How and when did you find Destira?

Maybe 3 years ago we found out about Destira from Instagram.

4. Why are you a loyal customer to Destira?

The leos hold up very well and some of the prints are buttery soft; plus my daughter loves fun prints.

5. What makes Destira different to you?

I like that it is a family owned and run company; it’s nice to see a company that looks like they care about who is wearing their products.

6. What is important in a brand to you?

Good customer service, quality product, quick shipping, reasonable prices, and variety.

7. Destira’s values are: Family First, Fun, Share the Love, Dream Big, Do the Right Thing, and Be You. What do you value and find important in your life?

I think my whole life revolves around making the best memories for my kids.
I worked in oncology nursing earlier in my career and know how fleeting time is. 
Family is everything and leaving behind the best of myself in my kids is what I value the most.

Thank you Araceli and Stella for being amazing Destira customers and sharing your story!

Stella is also one of our new Destira Star Ambassadors! You can see her posts in her favorite leotards on her Instagram. Check out a video she made of her Destira leotard collection!