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Meet the Women Behind Destira

Destira is known for perfect-fitting, fashion forward, and accessible work out wear of supreme quality. The company is also the expression of the gymnastics journey taken by a family.

“Gymnastics is the foundation of Destira and a big part of our core family values that infuse most aspects of the business.” - Donna Levy, Founder


It all started in Southern California with a family’s passion for gymnastics. Destira founder, Donna, designed and sewed leotards for her gymnastics obsessed daughters and their friends. People in the community admired the leotards and demand for these hand made garments expanded. That was 25 years ago. Today, Donna and her two daughters, Jodi and Jen, are the women behind Destira, and their family gymnastics journey is very much alive in each garment and business decision they make.

“I started Destira with my own two hands, cutting and sewing every leotard from my family room,” says Donna. “I called local gyms in southern California. We’ve grown and I’ve prioritized the relationships and business with our original partners. All of our garments are still made  in the USA. I love that we are family run and we work with family businesses and gym families across the country.”

Donna’s energy and devotion continues to be the heart and soul of Destira. “The sport helped focus and challenge their minds and bodies differently than any activity I could find at the time. After competing, they both coached gymnastics, and now we all run a gymnastics leotard company. I think it’s fair to say, gymnastics is part of who we are as a family, and now as a family business, and the positive way gymnastics has impacted our life shows through in our leotard and apparel designs.”

“My favorite part of running Destira is the people. It’s important to us to make real, meaningful connections in an increasingly technology-focused world. We see every call as an opportunity to make someone’s day, make someone feel heard, and to build the trust that helps our business grow. We’re a happy bunch, and we thrive on making others happy.”

Jen spent the beginning of her career at Gap Inc., in inventory management, marketing, and merchandising. She brings these experiences to Destira and merges them with her experience of being a mom of three young girls. “Girls can do anything they put their minds to,” says Jen. “I want my girls, and girls across the country to have gymnastics training gear that inspires them to be the best they can be and simply makes them feel good at practice. We do our best to incorporate our family’s gymnastics journey and positive impact through our leotards, shorts and leggings incorporating innovative details, while always maintaining a lasting focus on quality and fit.”

With always-fresh graphics, prints, hues, and embellishments, Destira loves to surprise and delight its customers with it’s passion for fashion trends. An authentic understanding of athletic wear ensures that each garment will meet the rigorous standards set for high performance sportswear.

The business has moved out of the family room, but that sense of family is still the foundation and inspiration today. Whether a gymnast needs a leotard for her first “Mommy & Me” class or an elite level competition, she can enjoy shopping with confidence at Destira. It’s important that each customer and member of the gym community feels appreciated, like an important part of the Team Destira family. Reflecting on the positive impact gymnastics had on their lives, Donna, Jodi, and Jen hope to support the gymnastics journey of gymnasts and gym families everywhere.