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Shaken to Our Core Values

Like so many of you, we at Destira have been reflecting on our core values to help us remain grounded as we navigate some big changes in business and in our daily routines.

🌟 Family First.  Fun.  Share the Love.  Be You.  Do the Right Thing.  Dream Big.  🌟

For the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing on these six core values and the gratitude we feel around them. Thank you for being part of our community. We’re thankful to be here with you. 

Left to right: Destira owners Donna, Jen, and Jodi. 

Family First from the Beginning

Before the company had a logo, a website, or even a name, Destira’s Founder, Donna Levy, was sewing leotards by hand for her gymnast daughters. Decades later, what began as meeting a need for her family has grown into a small business to be proud of, providing fun, trend-setting leotards and accessories to gymnasts and their families, clubs, and events. Family First is our first core value. As our team and our business continues to grow, the sense of family in our community has grown as well.


Donna’s Story of Destira

In the beginning, I was a mom with three young daughters involved in the sport of gymnastics. When trying to outfit the girls, I wasn’t able to find any fun leotards available in the local stores. I wanted my young girls to have fun bright colors and prints for their workouts, so I began scouting the local fabric stores for materials and started making my own leotards. 
These garments became a hit at our gym. The business grew organically at first as I began making leotards for my girls’ friends and their friends too. It wasn’t long before the owner of our host gym asked if I would make leotards for their pro shop. When local clubs attended our gym at competitions, they bought out the racks of leotards offered for sale. It was seeing the original garments sell out in a single weekend that I knew I had a business…Destira was born!
My name was on every product. I was making each garment by hand in my own home and I wanted every athlete to feel as confident and proud of their leotards as my own girls did. From the very start it was my goal to only offer products made from the highest quality fabrics, with the best possible construction, while offering exceptional customer service. We’ve certainly grown from these humble beginnings.
Two of those young gymnast daughters are now skilled business partners who are driving the growth of our business. I’m proud to say we still follow those original core values by providing perfect-fitting, trend-setting garments that empower athletes around the world.
👋👋 Team Destira on our Monday Morning Meeting.

From Our Gymnastics Family to Yours

Family First for Destira means that everyone on our team is invited to bring their whole selves to work. And it’s more important than ever right now, while our living spaces and workspaces are so closely connected. We’re home with our families and furry friends, thinking of our gymnastics family all over the country doing the same. 

What does Family First mean to you?