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5 Ways to Practice Gymnastics at Home

Whatever your level, you don’t have to stop gymnastics training if you’re away from the gym. You can stay active and continue to build your skills without specialized equipment. Start with a complete warm-up and full-body stretch in appropriate gear (may we suggest a Destira leotard?) and then let’s get started!

Here are five ways to practice gymnastics at home

gymnastics-training-at-home-stretch1. STRETCH: As a gymnast, you know one of your most important traits is your flexibility, and that’s a super easy thing to work on at home. How? More stretching, of course! Think about the areas where you could use the most improvement and do basic stretches daily to increase overall flexibility.

2. STRENGTH-TRAIN: Push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, planks, lunges, squats — these are all exercises you can do within and around your home or backyard to strengthen your core and build muscle.


3. FIND YOUR BALANCE: As you do the exercises to strengthen your core, you’ll naturally improve your balance, and there are drills you can safely do at home to take it a step further. Try balancing on one leg and then the other, and walking as if you’re on a tight rope. Concentrate on keeping your center and feel your balance strengthen day over day.

4. BUILD ENDURANCE: Endurance is critical to a gymnast’s ability to perform extensive routines and practice, practice, practice. What better way to boost it than to get out and RUN? Listen to your body to avoid injury, wear proper shoes, and stretch before and after you run. Check with a grown-up about best practices for outdoor recreation in your area.

gymnast-backbend-home-workout5. PERFECT THE BASICS: While it may be tempting to work on back handsprings and other advanced moves, home is not the place for it. Instead, set your sights on polishing your basics like back bends and handstands, which are the basis for so many gymnastics skills. Get them right, and you’ll be surprised at how easily the others may come. Use a wall as support for your handstand. It’ll help perfect your form!

You've Got This! Keep Going!

Focus on one of these tasks per day and it won’t be long before you see improvement once you’re back in the gym. Pace yourself, don’t forget to rest, and show us what you’re working on by tagging us @destiraleotards and using the hashtag #gymnasticsanywhere!