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Should You Use Your Leotard As A Swimsuit?

Warm weather, no school, and longer days can only mean one thing - summer has arrived! It is the perfect time of year for a cooling swim after a long practice working on upgrading your gymnasts’ skills for the upcoming season. The question is - can your gymnast’s Destira leotard be used as a swimsuit?

Flock Star Leotard by Destira
The short answer is - it depends! Look below to see if swimming in your girls’ gymnastics leotard from Destira is a fun choice.
At Destira, we offer a variety of materials that gymnasts of all ages love to wear. They are:
  • Soft and Comfy - a poly spandex blend that is buttery soft to the touch and that is lightweight and highly breathable with superior flexibility.
  • Shiny Hologram - a shiny metallic fabric with a breathable four-way stretch
  • Performance Compression - a perfect choice for athletes who demand a fabric that is ultra-soft and comfy.
  • Velvet - a soft fabric with a dense, plush pile and beautiful sheen.
When thinking of swimming in your favorite Destira gear, you need to take the fabric of your leotard into consideration. If you are planning to swim in our Soft and Comfy or Performance Compression leotards - go for it! These youth gymnastics leotards are great in the gym and in the pool!
If you are wearing our Shiny Hologram or Velvet sleeveless gymnastics leotards, we recommend changing them before making a splash in the pool. The pool water and chlorine will effect the integrity of these materials and ruin your leotard. 
Another thing to remember is that Destira produces gymnastics practice wear - there are no liners in our leotards like in swimsuits. It is important to remember that comfort and confidence are essential reasons athletes choose Destira - both inside and outside the gym (or pool)! 
Destira Bright Future Leotard

Are you ready to make a splash? Check out our full leotard collection that can be used as swimwear today and find your gymnast’s new favorite summer style.