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Star Spotlight: Melody Hawkins - Gymnast & Gym Coach

Destira Star Spotlight

Being a teenager means being in a constant state of change - your interests, your emotions, your friends and more. Melody Hawkins, a member of the Destira Stars, is no different. A 17-year-old gymnast with big dreams, Melody is not only a gymnast, but also a coach. 

For 15 years, Melody has been a gymnast. She has competed here in the United States, as well as internationally while she was living in Dubai. Melody not only trained and competed for the last two years, but she has also began coaching at her gym. This last season, Melody even had her own team of level 2 gymnasts she coached throughout the season - all the way to Nationals! Two of her gymnasts are National Champions this year! 
Melody and a Level 2 Gymnast
It’s hard enough being a teenager - imagine being a teenager and a gymnast… and a coach! When we asked Melody how she became a coach. She started by shadowing and volunteering around the gym, which then turned into getting her own recreational classes, and finally getting her level 2 team. 
Since becoming a coach, Melody says that she “understands where coaches come from a lot more now.” She know more about the challenges and rewards that come from coaching. “I believe in my kids and how amazing they can do,” says Melody, “Now when I compete, I can feel the sentiment from my coaches when they say it. I know they are not just saying it. They believe it.” 
While she is seeing the rewards of being a coach both as a coach and a gymnast, becoming a coach has not been challenge-free. Starting with knowing that after she has a long day of practice, she only gets a short break before going to coach her team. Another challenge was earning respect as a coach from both her gymnasts and their parents. Melody worked hard to earn both the gymnasts and their parents trust and respect throughout the year. While it took a minute, it has flourished into a trusting relationship between everyone.
Melody in On the Bright Side
With all of this experience in such a short time, we asked Melody if she had any advice for gymnasts looking to become coaches. “Trust yourself. It is that simple. Take your experiences as a gymnast, how your coaches worked with you, what worked for you, and apply that to your gymnasts. Remember they gave you the job for a reason - you know what to do.” 

Melody, we appreciate your time and look into your life as a gymnast and coach! Thank you for taking the time to show your passion for gymnastics and pass it down to the community. You are making a difference each day in your gym and in your gymnast’s lives. 


📸: Professional Images by @claymorganphotagraphy