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Stock Up On Summer Camp Leotards

Stock Up On Gymnastics Summer  Camp Leotards

A big part of summer with a young gymnast is the exciting challenge of finding the right summer camp for her to attend. Whether your gymnast is going to her first recreational camp at a local gym or an advanced program at a college campus, she’ll need… you guessed it: leotards! The team at Destira is made up of coaches, moms of gymnasts, and former gymnasts. And so, from one gym family to another, we’d like to help you transition into summer camp season with confidence.

How many days before summer camps start? Not many! A few initial questions are probably starting to loom:
1. How many leotards will she need for summer camp?
2. How do I choose leotards for summer wear?
3. Leotards can be expensive, how do I save money?
No worries, Destira is here to offer some answers.

Will your gymnast attend a…
DAY CAMP: recreational fun, sun, and more FUN!
This is where it all starts for your very young gymnast who is just starting to build excitement for the sport. Whether she’s never placed a foot on a mat before or is a beginner, day camps are a great place for a fun summer. Your young camper will be spending part of the day learning the very basics from Monday through Friday, that’s 5 days.

Will your gymnast attend a…
“SLEEP AWAY” GYM CAMP: she’s gaining momentum and skills are the focus here
So exciting! Fun activities like zip lining and skateboarding balance out twice a day workouts. She’ll appreciate an extra leotard to keep fresh. She may be star-struck by an Olympic guest coach. Being with friends and making new ones is a huge priority, too. There’s plenty of time for it all at a sleep away camp, but there won’t be any time to do laundry. 

Will your gymnast attend a…
COLLEGE HOSTED CAMP: this is intense, this is exhilarating
If she’s serious about pursuing gymnastics at a college level, this is the place for her. Rigorous and multiple workouts (meaning lots of sweating and leotard changes) and exposure to scholarship options are to be expected. If she’s staying for the week in a dorm room, laundry options will be limited.

Buy leotards constructed from lycra; it’s light, fast drying, durable and super comfy. Banish the velvet until there’s a cool breeze. Destira has a lycra collection that will keep your gymnast chill, and our designs will lift her spirits as she conquers that full twist. And don’t forget, we're big into backs at Destira. Mesh backs, split backs, racerbacks: these style details keep air flowing.


We at Destira want our high quality, gorgeous, comfortable leotards to be available to everyone. Visit our site to for a treasure trove of savings and discounts.

Shorts & Leggings
Keep her covered up while she’s running from the cabin to the floor for those training circuits. We know she’ll be living in her leotard, but taking a break, eating lunch, or hopping on a skateboard between drills is a lot more comfortable with shorts or leggings to slip on.

Scrunchies for you & me
For your gymnast, a huge part of summer camp will be friends. Give her a stash of irresistible, pretty scrunchies to share with her new friends, old, friends, and cabin mates. They’ll love it!

Happy summer & thanks for reading!