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Summer Camp Must Haves for 2024!

Can you believe that summer is almost here? School is winding down (or out!) and the weather is heating up! Whether you are at gymnastics, dance, tennis, or running camp this summer, Destira will have you covered with high-performance workout gear made to last. 

Gear up for summer camp with athletic tanks and shorts by Destira, 2024

Get ready for any camp you may have with Destira gear that will have you feeling cool and confident all summer long. 

  • Celebrate the 2024 Summer Games in Paris at your gym camp this summer with our Ultimate Agility Collection. These American-themed leotards will dazzle all summer long.
  • Looking for fun leotards for gymnastics day camp? Look no further! We have a bright selection of leotards that will be sure to catch your gymnast’s attention - whether it’s furry friends, axolotls, tie-dye, or sparkles. 
  • Heading to tennis, volleyball, or dance camp as well? Check out our super-soft sport tanks! These match with our popular sport shorts for the perfect all-sports outfit. From the gym to the court, you will be comfortable and ready to play all day long. 
Gymnastics biketard matches under the sea themed doll leotard, Destira, 2024

Don’t forget your accessories!

  • Our grip bags are oversized so you can fit what you need for the day all in one place. Whether you are heading to gymnastics camp or tennis camp - your snacks, water, and small gear will fit perfectly!
  • Secure your hair with bright, fun scrunchies! Our scrunchies are made to last and will hold your hair in a tight ponytail, braid, or bun with no issues. 
  • Does your little athlete want to bring their favorite stuffie or doll to camp for the day? Dress them up in a matching doll leotard so they can twin all day long!

Be prepared this summer with Destira. Stock up on your favorite Destira gear here!