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The Looks She’ll Love: Destira’s Fun and Stress Free Gift Guide

We know the feeling.
Searching for that special gift for your gymnast can be tough. Whether you feel full-on panic, have creeping dread or are actually looking forward to the challenge, the experts at Destira are coming to your rescue with a bunch of awesome gift-able options!

Why is finding that gift so hard? We had that question, too, and gave it some thought.

Finding that perfect gift means understanding your gymnast’s unique tastes, her point of view. It’s finding the “Looks She’ll Love!” Does she live in a sparkling fantasy world full of swirling unicorns and yummy pastel colors? Does she wake up early with her headband on, ready to conquer her conditioning routine? Or does she spend hours tirelessly on the lookout for the latest fashion trends, dreaming up her own runway hit?

Overwhelmed? No worries! That’s why we created this fun and quick little quiz & gift guide. It’s an entertaining antidote to gift giving anxiety. Whether you’re looking for a present for your daughter, helpful neighbor, granddaughter, or cherished friend, Destira has you covered with a ton of gymnastics leotard options.

So relax, take a break, and enjoy our little Destira quiz & gift guide, and discover the “Looks She’ll Love.”

  1. This happens at your gym frequently
    a. You gymnast initiates the push up contest and leads circuit training.
    b. Your gymnast is all about the scrunchie ALWAYS matching her leo.
    c. Your gymnast likes routine and repetition and structure in her workouts.
    d. Your gymnast wants to dress up like a unicorn even when it’s not Halloween?
    e. When hear someone shout out, “YOU GOT THIS!” do you automatically know that it came from your gymnast?
    f. Your gymnast wears her polo shirt from school over her leotard to practice.
  2. When it comes to your gymnast’s leotards, she…
    a. cant get enough sport mesh. She's convinced mesh keeps her looking and feeling cool at practice.
    b. can tell you the difference between racer back, woven back, keyhole and split back in under one minute.
    c. passes up all the crazy printed leotards you suggest at meets.
    d. prefers colors that look like they could be edible like frosting on a glittery birthday cake.
    e. wants her strong thoughts, positive attitude and team spirit across her chest loud and proud
    f.  loves navy and white. Maybe pink. No, actually a navy and white world would make her smile.
  3. Out of the gym, do you…
    a. See your gymnast do a fist pump when the dentist says she had a perfect check-up and no cavities?
    b. Hear the words “cropped,” “distressed,” “dressed-down,” “layering, “metallic,” or "trendy" as part of your gymnast’s everyday vocabulary?
    c. See your gymnast scrolling Instagram and Facebook for the most up to date pop star news and fashion trends?
    d. Hear your gymnast claim that glitter makes everything - including flip flops, slime, and bike helmets - better?
    e. have a problem leaving any store in the mall without a graphic tee she just has to have?
    f. Notice that your gymnast thinks stripes and chevron patterns makes everything look better?
  4. Which fabric swatch would she like the most?:

CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve completed our quiz, tally your results. Now you’re ready for the Destira gift guide, which will make finding that perfect and unique gift for your gymnast a snap!

Mostly a’s: Strong and Sporty
Her look is fearlessly frill-free, athletic, and all about motivation. The fabrics she likes are high performance, which means they are durable, stretchy, breathable, and moisture wicking. Mesh is the detail that seals the deal making a leotard her favorite.  Her dedication to the sport demands athletic details, sporty prints, strong graphics accented by collegiate color combinations or trims.

Mostly b’s: Trendy Fashionista
What is the latest fad, color, shape, and pattern? She's got to know and be the first on the fashion frontier. It can never be boring or outdated. Destira understands her thirst for new fashion, and she’ll always feel stylish with our trend-setting collections.  Whether emoji's, pineapples or slime are what she's crazy about, or her attention is focused on the newest leotard back trends (open-back or strappy-back), she will find the most trend forward designs, in the highest quality craftsmanship that Destira is known for.

Mostly c’s: Simply Stunning
Her confidence is her style.  She will shine bright within her own light. She prefers solid leotards in a classic color palette including red, black, silver and blue.  She's inclined to choose leotards that are classic and simple, and more worried about the comfort and perfect fit.  We constantly innovate and update our patterns to ensure the most comfortable, perfect fit.

Mostly d’s: Sparkle and Shimmer
She's ready to bring the magical kingdom of unicorns and mermaids to her gym. Luscious colors like bubblegum pink and sky aqua blue shimmer and sparkle on her favorite sparkly, mystique or foil leotard.This is where she can choose a leotard that is adorned with rhinestones and sequins that allows her imagination to run wild.  Sparkling crystals, vivid gem tones, ombre color fades, and lots of shimmer and shine will make her stand out at the gym.

Mostly e’s: Inspirational Graphics
Strong, positive phrases and words adorn the center chest of these leotards.  These leotards speak for themselves with motivational quotes or inspirational sayings that will help your gymnast get through her toughest practice.  Silhouettes like Split-Back and Vitalize are dramatic yet totally performance focused. 

Mostly f’s: Positively Preppy
She has a love of All-American, collegiate styling that embraces hues of navy and white in clean cut, crisp patterns. Inspirational graphics in a varsity lettering style complete her preppy look.  You'll find a bit of coral or red popped into these leotards, to complement your gymnasts positive attitude at workout.